Your new iPhone lock screen has a BIG secret – how to unlock hidden tricks

Your new iPhone lock screen has a BIG secret – how to unlock hidden tricks

APPLE completely revamped the iPhone lock screen last week, giving fans more customization options than ever before.

You can now change what your screen shows with personalized fonts, colors and images that all blend together seamlessly.

Lock screen widgets are new to iPhone


Lock screen widgets are new to iPhoneCredit: Apple

Perhaps the most exciting change, however, is the addition of lock screen widgets.

These can display information such as the weather, sports scores, breaking news and more.

Widgets have been available for a while on your home screens – the pages where you keep your favorite apps.

With the introduction of iOS 16, you can now add them to the lock screen as well.

It’s the screen that appears when you wake up your iPhone, but before you unlock it.

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How to add widgets to your iPhone lock screen

  1. Touch and hold the lock screen until the Customize button appears, then tap Customize.
  2. Tap the box above or below the time to see the widgets you can add to the lock screen.
  3. Tap or drag the widgets you want to add.
  4. Tap Done.

Best lock screen widgets to try today

Some of the best lock screen widgets are those built to go along with Apple’s suite of iOS apps.

They include Weather, which (surprise surprise) displays the local weather forecast directly on the lock screen.

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It is also worth trying out Calendar, News and Apple Music.

For something a little more visual, you can shuffle through a set of photos throughout the day with the Photo Shuffle option.

Browse the Suggested Images library to find images curated from the Photos app.

Beyond Apple, there are tons of third-party apps that are also worth your time.

For example, if you use Google services, Google’s app suite has its own widgets for you to try, including Calendar and Gmail.

What is iOS 16?

Every year, Apple releases a new version of its iOS software for the iPhone.

This is the core operating system that powers the device, delivering Apple’s apps, features and design to your iPhone.

This year’s new version is called iOS 16 and it is packed with new iPhone features users have been waiting for.

This includes a new lock screen with widgets, stylized portrait backgrounds and notifications that roll up from the bottom.

Messages also gets a big update that lets you edit or recall recently sent messages, as well as restore recently deleted messages or mark conversations as unread.

Lockdown Mode and Safety Check are also new to the iPhone game, adding security features that protect users from hacking and abuse online.

How to get iOS 16

To try out iOS 16 for yourself, you’ll need to update your iPhone software.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

You can then press on Upgrade to iOS 16 at the bottom of the screen and then Download and install.

On some iPhones, you will be directed to Download and install automatic.

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You’ll be prompted to enter your iPhone passcode (if it has one) and then accept Apple’s terms and conditions.

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The download and installation process will take up to an hour, so make sure you send important messages before starting.

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