Your iPhone has two hidden menus – how to unlock secret features

Your iPhone has two hidden menus – how to unlock secret features

THERE are two hidden menus all iPhones have that not many people know about.

Accessing them will not only speed up how you use your smartphone, but will make your life easier from the start

Your iPhone has not one but two hidden menus—and they're pretty useful


Your iPhone has not one but two hidden menus—and they’re pretty usefulCredit: Alamy

The good news? They can be accessed in seconds. This is how.

Speed ​​up your life with quick actions

The first hidden feature is called Quick Actions and works from the iPhone’s home screen.

Just long press an app icon to unlock a hidden menu. Here you can access app settings without having to launch the app and lower the phone.

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While this hidden menu doesn’t work for all apps, most popular ones support this feature, including Apple’s own Photos app.

For example, hold your finger down on the Photos icon and the quick action menu will appear.

The top two options are Apple-specific quick actions. One is to simply remove the app from the home screen, and another allows you to move the app around.

But the bottom four options are more useful.

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They allow you to quickly navigate to specific features in Photos, including a convenient search option, which allows you to search for specific terms or locations such as “dog” or “mountain”.

And just like if you searched Google Photos, you’ll be able to find relevant photos on your own roll.

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You can even search for specific events, such as a concert you’ve been to.

Another good Quick Actions hack is on the Settings app. By long-pressing the icon, you can access quick shortcuts for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data and battery.

What these hidden menus do is reduce the time you waste navigating screens to get to the desired app functionality you wanted.

More accessibility features on iPhone

Often overlooked, the iPhone’s accessibility menu can be a handy tool for speeding up how you use your Apple device.

It has a hidden settings menu that allows you to customize the user experience and make it easier to enjoy certain features.

To access it, simply go to the iPhone Settings app and then navigate to Accessibility.

Here you will find options such as Zoom, which allows you to control how you see certain images on the screen and Display & Text Size to improve the readability of text on the screen.

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There’s also the Per App Customization menu, which lets you change the settings for specific apps so they work in accordance with how you want to use them.

This is just a drop in the ocean of the hidden features you’ll find by poking around in the Accessibility menu. Explore and see how you can use it to improve your overall iPhone experience.

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