xQc rages at Overwatch 2 devs for not fooling Zarya: “Fix your damn game!”

xQc rages at Overwatch 2 devs for not fooling Zarya: “Fix your damn game!”

Published: 2022-10-27T18:43:04

Updated: 2022-10-27T18:43:15

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel unleashed his primal rage on the Overwatch 2 developers for not patching the game, demanding they nerf Zarya as more players abuse the powerful tank hero.

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few weeks now, and while players have been enjoying the game, fans have been eager for a new leaked balance patch to go live with rumored nerfs to Zarya, Sombra, and other overpowered characters.

Many players suspected that the leaked balance changes would go live with the Halloween Terror event, but when the update came in, there wasn’t a single nerf to any of the game’s heroes.

Alas, during an October 26 broadcast, former OWL pro xQc was forced to fight an enemy Zarya who pushed him over the edge, and now he’s demanding they implement a fix.

xQc blasts Overwatch 2 devs amid balance issues

While queuing up DPS as Cassidy, the cowboy hero formerly known as McCree, the French Canadian voiced his frustration that the enemy team was “abusing” Zarya and Sombra.

“Both characters need to be fixed on hot dishes! I’m not even kidding. They’re heartbroken,” he chuckled.

In Overwatch 2, both heroes received reworks for the 5v5 format with Zarya having two bubbles that last two and a half seconds while Sombra can hack while invisible and deal more damage to hacked targets.

The leaked patch notes say that Zarya would be nerfed on her bubble duration and Sombra would do less damage, but so far the update allegedly only live on the OWL practice server.

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“Fix the game, it’s not that damn hard,” said xQc. “Fix the game, holy shit! The bubble lasts for two and a half seconds, that’s five seconds of uptime! It’s so broken! Man, how hard can it be to fix the game?”

Apparently, it must be very difficult, because fans are still waiting for OW2’s first major balance update, which may only go live midway through the season.

It is not known if there are any issues on Blizzard’s end implementing hero updates at the moment, but until it is added, players will be forced to deal with overwhelmed Zaryas dominating their ranked play.

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