Wynonna Judd Duets Song Roasting TikToker’s Food Hack — Using a Butter Stick as a Microphone

Wynonna Judd Duets Song Roasting TikToker’s Food Hack — Using a Butter Stick as a Microphone

Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd

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Wynonna Judd just started a TikTok trend the way she knows best – through song.

On Thursday, the country singer, 58, shared a side-by-side video responding to a TikToker’s butter hack. The dubious method the user demonstrated involves cutting a tablespoon of butter not with a knife – but by biting off a piece.

TikToker and musician Christopher Mills first responded to the video with a song in which he sings “You can’t eat at everybody’s house.” In her video, Judd joined and harmonized the same lyrics with country singer Ashley McBryde.

“You can’t eat everybody house,” Judd sang as she hilariously used a stick of butter as a microphone.

Wynonna Judd Joins Song Roasting TikTokers Butter Hack

Wynonna Judd Joins Song Roasting TikTokers Butter Hack

Wynonna Judd/tiktok

Clearly not a fan of the butter-biting chop, she shook her head in disagreement as she sang.

In Mills’ TikTok, which now has over 230,000 likes, he ended the song by saying, “That’s why it’s called a butter knife,” to which Judd added, “Exactly.”

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The “Love Can Build a Bridge” singer also took to social media recently to update fans on the state of her mental health after she was forced to cancel a New Year’s Eve performance due to dizziness.

She shared a video to Instagram on Tuesday “checking in” after fans expressed concern that she was potentially overworking herself amid a busy schedule.

“I’m OK … I’ve heard some of the comments and the first thought I had was, ‘Opinions and loopholes,'” she said. “And then I realized that people are genuinely concerned, so I want to respond to that piece.”

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Judd was scheduled to appear alongside Kelsea Ballerini on CBS’ New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash show, but pulled out the day before, citing “an extreme bout of vertigo.” While speaking in her video, the star shared a comment on social media from a fan suggesting she might need to take a break.

“I work so hard on my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I have a great team and I’m really blessed and I’m devastated and I work really hard on self-care, which is not selfish, it’s sacred,” she said. just know that yes, I am me. I work very hard. We call it Wynonna Incorporated because I incorporate a lot into my life. I have a very full schedule, but I also have time off to be on the farm and to walk in the woods and take the dogs and tonight is Mexican night. We play games and it’s family.”

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She concluded: “So I’m OK and the last thing I want to say is, can’t keep a good woman down for too long.”

She said on Saturday she was “absolutely devastated and so sorry” to have to cancel the performance, but was looking forward to singing with Ballerini in February on tour.

Judd lost her mother and bandmate Naomi Judd to suicide in April, and has since been open about the grieving process and the ways her life has changed since.

“I’ll tell you what I know about death. In death there is life. I feel both at the same time,” she told PEOPLE in her September cover story. “I feel joy and sorrow. I walk in paradox. I am literally a walking contradiction. I feel joy. I feel pain. I feel light. I feel dark.”

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