World Cup fan tries ingenious hack to sneak booze into Qatar stadium

World Cup fan tries ingenious hack to sneak booze into Qatar stadium

This is the moment a World Cup fan appears to have a novel way of sneaking alcohol into a Qatar stadium before a match.

Footage posted on Reddit appears to show a Mexico fan being searched by a member of the ground security team, The sun reports.

The security guard first tries to look through the binoculars.Source: Provided

Another man wearing a black and red baseball cap can be seen talking to the security guard while examining binoculars.

It all looks innocent enough as the security guard sets up binoculars for his eyes.

But there is more to things than meets the eye as the security guard then unscrews one of the lenses and then makes a gesture of lifting the binoculars to his lips, as if drinking from them.

The guard seems to suspect that something is strange and unscrews the lens.Source: Provided
The moment has gone viral. Image: DeliveredSource: Provided

It appears that the binoculars are actually a novelty bottle.

A similar product is advertised on the store site Amazon, which describes it as “the perfect festival accessory” and is capable of holding 16 oz of liquid.

It currently retails for £16.95.

Many commenters on social media found the short clip hilarious.

One said: “Hahahaha that’s actually funny. The smile at the end.”

Another added: “‘No no no my friend…’ hahaha. I love how the different ethnicities of the security agencies figure things out together.”

However, others questioned whether the binoculars actually contained hand sanitizer, rather than the suspected banned alcohol.

The flask is cleverly disguised as binoculars. Image: AmazonSource: Provided

However, one commenter quickly shot down that theory, writing: “I don’t think he’ll go through with this attempt to smuggle a disinfectant lol.”

Although not confirmed, the fan wearing a green football shirt appears to be a Mexico supporter who went to watch yesterday’s Group C match against Poland.

However, the match did not come to life and ended in a draw.

Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski failed to put Poland ahead in the 57th minute after being awarded a penalty thanks to Mexico’s veteran goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa making a stunning save.

Later in the game, substitute Raul Jimenez came on with 20 minutes remaining, but he wasted a good break and Mexico failed to create a clear chance.

Grzegorz Krychowiak shot wide in stoppage time from distance, and Lewandowski and Poland unfortunately had to miss their golden opportunity.

This story was published by The Sun and reproduced with permission.

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