Will the SERUM emergency fork save FTX from crumbling? These four cryptos will save your portfolio

Will the SERUM emergency fork save FTX from crumbling?  These four cryptos will save your portfolio

Starting with Bitcoin’s gradual price drop from an all-time high of $68,000 to several crypto platforms filing for bankruptcy, the year 2022 has dealt a devastating blow to crypto users worldwide.

Recently, the FTX crash resulted in several crypto tokens plunging in price, leaving less to be desired for investors in the market. However, FTX is trying hard to save the situation by introducing an emergency fork for serum. But will it bring any relief?

This article provides more details on the SERUM emergency fork. It also discusses four cryptocurrencies that investors can consider to save their portfolios. These coins include Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT and Calvaria. Let’s find out more about them!

Serum Emergency Fork: Can it save FTX from impending doom?
FTX took a significant hit in the market when it was recently hacked. This hack resulted in FTX collapsing and affecting Serum, a Solana-based decentralized exchange developed by FTX. The resulting hack also saw a collapse in the price of Solana and other Solana-based applications.

However, the Serum team launched an emergency fork to help save the FTX platform. While the community rallied around this emergency fork, more than its impact is needed as the entire crypto market continues to decline. The FTX hack has resulted in many investors steering away from crypto exchanges and their tokens.
Essentially, the Emergency fork from Serum has done little to remedy the devastating effect of the FTX crash.

Alternative cryptos to invest in for big gains

Despite the FTX hack, investors are looking for potential cryptos to buy to reduce their losses in the market. Here are four crypto projects set to offer incredible gains amid market conditions.

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1. Dash 2 Trade: A next generation crypto analysis platform
2. RobotEra: A metaverse project focused on making money in the ecosystem
3. IMPT.io: A blockchain platform aimed at providing environmentally friendly tools
4. Calvaria: A unique game to serve ecosystem for mobile gamers

Dash 2 Trading

Dash 2 Trade promises to be the best crypto analysis platform to improve crypto trader journeys. By introducing a subscription-based dashboard, Dash 2 Trade will offer convenient trading tools that enable users to make effective trading decisions in the crypto market.

One of the unique tools offered by Dash 2 Trade is its chain market and social analytics. This tool will go beyond checking out the current market cycle; it will further determine the level of FOMO or FUD displayed by other crypto traders. This will ensure that users know when to enter or exit the market.

Another tool that the D2T dashboard provides is the scoring system for crypto ICOs. This system checks out prospecting crypto coins on pre-sale to determine their worthiness and potential. As such, D2T users can invest early and make significant gains when such cryptos are launched in the market.

Dash 2 Trade’s utility token, D2T, powers the dashboard and its ecosystem. Also, it is available for purchase via the D2T pre-sale.

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RobotEra is a new metaverse project ready to bring compelling features to crypto users and gamers. RobotEra features a metaverse called Taro, where users become robots and explore this virtual open world

RobotEra allows players and users to freely make their own choices when owning lands, developing them, acquiring resources and creating robot companions. Users can then trade their assets with other users on the in-game market. RobotEra offers unique play-to-earn features where users generate income in multiple ways.

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TARO tokens help facilitate the transaction processes in the RobotEra metaverse and its ecosystem. Users who want to participate in non-gaming parts of the ecosystem can own TARO tokens which they can lock into the project (staking system) and earn passive income. They can also participate in the project’s DAO, where they can vote on incremental features in the game.

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IMPT.io is a green platform with the best sustainability features. Built on blockchain technology, IMPT.io is starting a carbon compensation program to reduce users’ carbon footprint while rewarding users openly and transparently.

This green platform connects users to socially responsible brands where they can participate in regular green shopping of multiple products on the IMPT platform. IMPT.io tracks users’ shopping activities and effectively rewards them with carbon credits, a reward for reducing their carbon footprint.

At its core, the IMPT token powers the IMPT.io platform, which helps fast transactions on the IMPT market. Users use IMPT tokens to purchase environmental projects and use them to earn more carbon credits. It also acts as a governance token so users can vote on future projects in the ecosystem.

Interestingly, IMPT tokens are available on pre-sale. Users can benefit from this eco-friendly platform ready to fight climate change and sustain the environment.

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Calvaria is a game to earn ecosystem where users can freely play their flagship mobile game and earn exciting rewards during active play. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is the game set to dominate other games to earn games in the game and reward structures.

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In the game, users deploy powerful NFT characters as battle cards on a battlefield and earn rewards when they use battle strategies to defeat their opponents during gameplay. Users are rewarded in crypto-assets and NFTs, which they can exchange for cash or upgrade their battle cards.

The Calvaria ecosystem uses two ERC-20 tokens, eRIA and RIA, which are multi-chain assets distributed to users independently of their blockchain network and traded.

While eRIA comes as an in-game resource, RIA tokens are up for grabs on the Calvaria platform during the pre-sale event and are selling fast. Users can enjoy early gains if they invest before the pre-sale event ends.

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Final thoughts
The FTX crash has taken its toll on the crypto market. However, crypto users and investors seek to maximize their investments in new crypto projects that will bring incredible gains in the future. Fortunately, the four cryptos discussed in this article can provide significant investment returns. Therefore, crypto lovers and investors should take advantage of these coins and diversify their portfolios for impressive gains.

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