Wi-Fi Intruders: These handy apps can help you find unauthorized network users

Wi-Fi Intruders: These handy apps can help you find unauthorized network users

Having a Wi-Fi router has become a norm in urban areas as it offers faster and seamless internet connectivity within the walls of the home compared to the hot spot feature of mobile phones.

However, it is also relevant for the homeowner to keep an eye on who is using his/her Wi-Fi. It’s fine if the users are family members; what if strangers around the house have gained access to your internet router?

You can’t even imagine what can happen if a person abuses your Wi-Fi network. In 2010, a man from Minnesota hacked into his neighbor’s Wi-Fi. He created several fake email IDs in his neighbor’s name and sent a death threat to then Vice President Joe Biden (now President) and a child pornography email to the US Department of Justice.

Eventually the culprit was apprehended. But the owner must make several trips to the investigative office, and then must appear in several rounds of hearings, offering evidence to remove his name from the suspect list. So it is very important to protect your personal Wi-Fi network.

Here are some popular Wi-Fi analyzer apps that help you track and block strangers:

Fing – Network Scanner (by Fing Limited)

The Fing app on the Apple App Store (screenshot)

In addition to displaying the list of devices (including IDs and IP and MAC addresses), it lets you know who’s home while you’re away with Digital Presence. Moreover, it can even detect hidden cameras connected to the Wi-Fi router.

And it offers parental control features to schedule screen time and pause internet access for kids at home.

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WiFi Guard – Scan devices and protect Wi-Fi from intruders (by Dzmitry Plashchynski)

Wi-Fi Guard app on the Apple App Store (screenshot)

WiFi Guard can scan nearby Wi-Fi networks automatically and send alerts if it detects new devices.

who uses WIFI? (Developed by Network Scanner – WiFi Scanner & Network Monitor)

Who’s on My WIFI Network Scanner App on Google Play Store (Screenshot)

This app helps detect devices that increase WiFi network speed and tells the owner who is on his/her WiFi without permission.

WiFi detector: Who is using my WiFi (by WiFi router speed and security)

WiFi Detector – Who’s Using My WiFi on Google Play Store (Screenshot)

As the name suggests, it scans the nearby wireless internet network and gets information about how many people or devices are connected to the owner’s Wi-Fi routers and blocks illegal users, since it offers direct access (permission must be granted during the app installation) the admin page and make changes to the router settings.

If you find any unknown users on your Wi-Fi network, log in to the Wi-Fi management page and reset the password. Also make it a habit to change your password several times during the year.

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