Why Sky customers need to change this setting on their TV today

Why Sky customers need to change this setting on their TV today

There’s an eye-catching free upgrade from Sky launching this week, and it’s definitely one to watch out for. The update gives those with a Sky Glass TV in the living room a big boost to the overall picture quality thanks to improvements to something called local dimming. For those unaware, local dimming is a technology that can turn off individual areas of pixels so that blacks remain truer and whites appear much brighter.

Sky says this latest upgrade will help deliver higher contrast, brightness and color accuracy to all of its TVs. It’s an important change, which you can read in our full Sky Glass Review, this TV lacked a bit of punch when it launched late last year.

To see it in action, anyone with Sky Glass simply needs to scroll down to the settings menu, then tap Picture & Sound > Display Mode and select Vivid.

When enabled, the visuals on the screen should appear more packed with color and contrast.

Along with that boost to the screen, Sky Glass receives a number of other upgrades, including the ability to find the remote via voice search.

If the channel changer has fallen on the side of the sofa, owners will soon be able to shout “Hey heavens, where’s my remote” with this accessory and then make a beep.

Sky has also announced the upcoming launch of personal lists. When you turn on Sky Glass, you’ll be able to select your profile and make it your own with dedicated recommendations then displayed on screen. It basically means parents won’t be bombarded with cartoons when they settle down for an evening viewing, and kids won’t be shown anything that might be inappropriate.

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All of these updates are coming soon, but there are already a few more changes that arrived last month, including improvements to the Playlists menu and the introduction of a new “Recent” bar at the top of the screen that shows all your recent shows.

The next new feature recently added is Bluetooth connectivity. This has been a most requested upgrade as it now allows Sky Glass users to watch movies with their wireless headphones. This means that the volume can be pumped up to 11 without disturbing the rest of the house.

Don’t fancy Sky Glass? There is also the possibility to increase your current TV thanks to the launch of Sky Stream. This diddy device sends all of Sky’s content to any TV you may already own via a broadband connection. It also gets the ability to record via Sky’s Playlists feature, and there’s easy access to all the most popular streaming apps such as Disney+ and Netflix. At launch, prices started from £26 per month, but things are currently reduced to just £23.

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