Why Golteum is set to surpass the likes of PaxGold and Cronos!

Why Golteum is set to surpass the likes of PaxGold and Cronos!

With the collapse of FTX, it has become even more important to choose an asset-backed blockchain project that is secure and reliable. Golteum is a prime candidate, offering top-level security and enhanced liquidity. With a 100% reserve guarantee and full transparency, Golteum ensures that your assets are always safe – no matter what happens in the market. Discover why Golteum is set to outperform PaxGold, Cronos and other cryptocurrencies!

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PaxGold is an asset-backed token launched in 2017 that is designed to offer an alternative to traditional gold investments. It is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and one token is backed by one ounce of gold. By tokenizing physical gold and giving users access to it digitally, PaxGold aims to make owning gold more accessible and affordable. Despite being linked to gold and its regulatory approval, the trading volume of PaxGold is quite low and it still has a long way to go before it becomes widely accepted.


Considered the first blockchain network to work with both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, Cronos was set up to allow users to quickly port apps and cryptoassets between chains at minimal cost. Powered by Ethermint, Cronos is energy efficient and scalable. Despite the early promise, the price of Cronos has fallen to $0.05632 after reaching a high of $0.13 in November.


Golteum is determined to change the gold industry by providing Web3 access and providing individuals with a secure path to gold, one of humanity’s most enduring stores of value. Investing in Golteum NFTs gives you control over fractional gold bars that are backed by physical metal – a commodity known for its stability throughout history.

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Golteum continues to excite with their announcement of a powerful partnership with Fireblocks! To ensure the success of their mission to launch a reliable trading platform, they have chosen Fireblocks’ Web3 Engine as the platform’s backbone. This includes a comprehensive range of services such as security solutions, risk avoidance measures, treasury management capabilities and tokenization infrastructure that will make the transfer of all gold NFTs effortless.

Golteum has an experienced and reputable team that, along with their token smart contract, has been verified by the renowned blockchain security firm Certik, earning a silver mark in the process. Initially, each utility token was priced at just 7 cents during their private sale – but it rose to 13 cents just days later! And if you act quickly enough, you can get even better value out of your purchase as round one of the public sale will increase the value even further with an extra 20% bonus on top.

In addition, you can unlock a unique range of rewards and discounts with the GLTM tool. You will benefit from low trading fees while having access to some great benefits such as staking your holdings, taking out loans backed by NFTs and enjoying competitive loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. Unlock the power of GLTM tokens today!

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In summary

With its cutting-edge technology and low fees, Golteum is set to outperform the likes of PaxGold and Cronos. With a 100% reserve guarantee, full transparency, audited smart contracts and partnership with Fireblocks’ Web3 Engine, it’s no surprise that Golteum is making waves.

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