Why Circle Fans Think Jennifer Freeman Should Have Been Blocked

Why Circle Fans Think Jennifer Freeman Should Have Been Blocked

Fans of The Circle Season 5 are up in arms about Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson’s “Jennifer” avoiding the chopping block over Tom Houghton.

Again, The circle season 5 is ruffling feathers with fans, this time over the fact that Jennifer Freeman wasn’t blocked from the game ahead of the long-awaited finale. Jennifer is a catfish on the show, played by Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson, the first players eliminated from The circle season 5. Jennifer really played a pretty convincing game, and had an alliance with Tom Houghton, another fan favorite. When Shubham Goel was banned from the game, he gained the power to make one of the players the hacker and he chose Jennifer.


Fans turned on Jennifer for a moment, even though Xanthi and Brett started out as insufferable contestants. Unfortunately, Jennifer’s time as a hacker was very short, too The circle revealing that there was a hacker before a ranking could even take place. As such, the players simply summarized their conversations with each other, so Sam Carmona and Chaz Lawery soon discovered that they had been hacked, and given the content of the conversation, traced the hacking back to Jennifer. Against all odds, Jennifer stayed in the game.

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The Circle Fans love Tom Houghton

At Jennifer’s first potential elimination, influencers Raven Sutton and Sam decided to block Marvin Achi for his playboy status. While fans criticized the strategy, they mostly understood it. The real firestorm on Circle’s Instagram came when the ranking sent home the British comedian, the honorable Tom. Since Tom’s departure was influenced by Jennifer strategically placing him last, fans were angry at the outcome and did not take Jennifer well. As one commenter wrote, “Tom you didn’t deserve ‘Jennifer’ to betray you.” Another fan pleaded, “Can someone just block “Jennifer” aka Brett and X already…should have stayed blocked from episode 1.” Fans’ clamor for Jennifer to be blocked seems to stem more from sympathy for Tom after he opened up The circle.

Fans believe The Circle season 5 is rigged

In the midst of all the moves being made, someone has taken the direction The circle season 5 as perhaps too practical. Some fans have suggested that the show itself is purposefully tanking Jennifer, as in Brett and Xanthi’s game. A commenter from Circle’s Instagram wrote: “Circle!! How did you let Sam and Chaz talk right before the vote?!?! It has never happened.” The fact is, despite the disadvantage new players have The circle, Jennifer performed very well. Some fans’ accusations The Circle US about being too sane to let cruel pieces of rock win, leading to further speculation that the show was purposefully sabotaging some contestants.

If that’s true, then The circle may honestly have a point. Fans were devastated when Tom left, and would be even more devastated if Jennifer won after stabbing him in the back. But such is the alluring nature of reality TV, as sometimes the bad guys get the prize. It will be interesting to see who wins in the end The circle season 5.

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