Which items to buy this year as gifts – cheaper than last year

Which items to buy this year as gifts – cheaper than last year

Personal finance comparison website NimbleFins has analyzed basic products that make great Christmas gifts, and looked at which items have risen in price and which have fallen. NimbleFins’ central findings were, among other things, that the price of chocolate has increased, while the price of coffee machines has decreased.

Glassware, kitchenware and chocolate are among the traditional Christmas gifts that have risen in price the most this year.

NimbleFins found that a number of items for sale both in stores and online are now cheaper than they were in 2021. Meanwhile, some are more expensive.

Those looking to spoil a loved one with jewelery this Christmas will find that prices are up seven per cent year-on-year, while chocolate, clothes and sports equipment are up nine per cent.

The biggest price increases were for glass, crystal, ceramics and porcelain – up 13 per cent.

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These were followed by non-electric kitchen appliances and goods, which were up 10 percent.

However, coffee machines and tea sets fell four per cent in price year-on-year, while games and hobby items, such as children’s scooters, board games, jigsaws and computer games, fell by one per cent.

Although they’ve still risen in price, a few holiday gift ideas stood out as only slightly inflationary, making them more cost-effective.

Mobile equipment has risen by only two per cent in the past year, while books have increased by four per cent.

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Alcohol is often a popular gift, but shoppers may wish to give wine instead of beer and spirits if they want a more valuable gift.

NimbleFins found that wine has risen three per cent in the past year, while both beer and spirits have increased by five per cent.

Other items with higher prices include large appliances and small electrical items, as well as personal care, all of which have seen an eight per cent increase in prices year-on-year.

NimbleFins used the latest inflation data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from October 2022, and compared it with October 2021 for its analysis.

The latest figures for the consumer price index showed overall inflation of 11.1 per cent in October 2022, up from 10.1 per cent in September.

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Full list of gifts and their inflation rate

Glassware, crystalware, ceramicware and porcelainware – 13 per cent

Non-electric kitchen equipment and articles – 10 percent

Chocolate – nine percent

Clothing – nine percent

Sports equipment – nine percent

Larger white goods and small electrical goods – eight per cent

Personal care – eight percent

Jewelery – seven percent

Spirits – five percent

Beer – five percent

Wine – three percent

Books – four percent

Mobile phone equipment – two percent

Toys and party supplies – four percent

Games and hobbies – minus one percent

Coffee machines, tea makers and similar appliances – minus four percent

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