Which game is better? 2018 against Ragnarok

Which game is better?  2018 against Ragnarok

The god of war franchise has come a long way from the angry and vengeful Ghost of Sparta, swinging his Blades of Chaos into every Greek god that crosses his path. The character has moved into a new mythology. god of war have seen two entries in Norse mythology, and with a completely different game than before god of war entries, the Norse god of war duology has a lot to live up to.

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There is a lot of love out there for god of war (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok. It’s always nice to see a sequel live up to the expectations of its predecessor, but which game is better? Both games are excellent examples of triple-A titles, with riveting battles, stunning graphics and emotional acting, but both games have their positives and negatives.



kratos vs shake and mist

The previous entries in god of war series involved a lot of hacking and slashing with Blades of Chaos. When players first board as Kratos god of war (2018), the first thing they would notice is the different gameplay. The fight is over the shoulder, with a powerful Leviathan axe. Players fight more intimately, with ways to avoid, block, parry and juggle enemies with powerful order.

Fight in God of War: Ragnarok is more developed from god of war 4. Players will immediately have access to the Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos. These weapons feel beautifully enraged in God of War: Ragnarok, with many new ways to attack in what feels like a war ballet. The combat is much more refined God of War: Ragnarokand adds a new addition with the Draupnir spear.

Iconic moments

god of war shield

Returning to the life of Kratos was a giant moment in the gaming world. This is the same Kratos that fans remember for killing the Greek Pantheon. god of war is a spectacle of iconic moments. From the first battle with The Stranger to the gigantic battle against Freya and Baldur. Seeing Kratos return brings many iconic moments to the game. Some powerful, and some extremely emotional, with a lot to live up to god of war sequels.

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There are some big moments in it God of War 5, from the spectacle of Kratos in battle during Ragnarok to the extreme boss battles of Kratos vs Thor. However, the iconic moments in God of War: Ragnarok does not live up to god of war (2018), as some scenes lack the power of Kratos’ deity taking charge of nature.


god of war kratos-in-shadows

There was a lot of riding god of war (2018). The fans hadn’t seen one god of war title this year, and maturing Kratos was a gamble that thankfully paid off. god of war (2018) created an emotional story with an entirely new set of gameplay that seemed foreign to the franchise. Everything worked in god of war (2018), and expectations were beyond many fans’ wildest dreams for Kratos vs Norse Pantheon.

Goes into God of War: Ragnarok, expectations were high regarding its much-loved predecessor. A lot was promised God of War: Ragnarok, with the confrontation between Odin and Thor and the mysteries of Tyr unveiled. But, god of war (2018) was far more of a gamble and exceeded expectations as an evolution of Kratos and the series. This does not mean that God of War: Ragnarok didn’t live up to the hype as the sequel hit all the right marks and more.


A movie scene with characters in God of War Ragnarok

Considering god of war (2018) tells a much more intimate story, the characters are rather limited to a father and son with Kratos and Atreus. Other characters make big impressions and important inclusions, such as Baldur, Freya and Mimir, but the latter two do not get their big moments, considering that god of war (2018) is not their game.

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When players re-enter the Nine Realms God of War: Ragnarok, there are many more characters involved in the game. Many characters and gods of Norse mythology, Aesir and Vanir, appear, and they are all given time to breathe and be fleshed out, presenting further character development for beloved and new characters in god of war.

Boss Fights

kratos vs gna the valkyrie queen

Boss battles have always been an integral part of the design of god of war. They make the player feel powerful and are some great looking glasses god of war the boss fights for the norse games. The first Norse god of war has great boss fights, but they are quite limited in what they offer.

Santa Monica Studio learned a lot from god of war (2018), and as such there is a wider variety of boss fights God of War: Ragnarok. These boss battles are difficult, engaging and unique to each encounter. With dragons, berserkers, gods and more, God of War: Ragnarok has amazing boss fights.


god of war ragnarok atreus age sunny suljic loki norse

It’s a giant sandbox waiting to be explored god of war (2018). Many areas can be traversed through the available realms, with some locations needing additional story progression to truly explore everything. However, not all realms are accessible, and some areas are smaller than others, such as Muspelheim and Niflheim, which act as late-game side areas.

Each of the nine kingdoms in God of War: Ragnarok has great importance in history and exploration. Players will visit each realm and in doing so will be rewarded with a lot of side content. With God of War: Ragnarok Finally, there is even more content in the aftermath, giving players plenty of things to do, more so than the previous title.


kratos and laufrey's ashes

After the death of his wife, Faye, Kratos must take her ashes to the highest peak of all the realms while raising their son, Atreus. Kratos is a distant father with a past that makes him hate all gods, including himself. god of war (2018) is the story of a father and son, and it’s nothing short of beautiful, a true story to marvel at when you consider how far Kratos has come.

The history about God of War: Ragnarok continuing with the mature themes presented in god of war (2018). Kratos slowly accepts who he was, but his frustration grows as Atreus continues to try to figure out who Loki is, while Kratos tries to change his destiny towards an upcoming war with Odin and the Aesir. God of War: Ragnarok is larger, with the narrative split more equally between Kratos and Atreus. But, god of war (2018) has a superior track record. It’s intimate and hard hitting it’s like a return to Kratos and his evolution.

Conclusion: God Of War (2018)

God of War 2018

There is no way God of War: Ragnarok a smaller game. Because it perfects many things compared to its predecessor. The history about God of War: Ragnarok is well worth the praise it gets, but compared to god of war (2018), the original Norse god of war title is far more exciting for the prospect of what it brought to the franchise, rather than the conclusion of the Norse titles.

When it comes to succeeding, both titles are wonderful forms of art, but god of war (2018) beat expectations. The team at Santa Monica Studio knocked it out of the park with this new mythology, which leads directly into God of War: Ragnaroka sequel of almost equal magnitude.

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