Which character should you choose?

Which character should you choose?

In Gotham Knights you have the option to choose between four heroes to play as. You can then go around Gotham preventing crimes and completion of case papers. The four characters you have to choose from are Knightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin. They are all in town afterwards the death of their mentor and friend Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

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When you choose a hero, you are not locked to one hero unless you play with friends who also play that hero. You can go to the clock tower which is your hideout and change characters at any time. Each character has its own abilities and skills for you to learn and use as you progress through the game. But if there is one character you want to play with in the game when playing with friends, then this guide is here to help you decide.


Knightwing: Acrobatic Brawler

Gotham Knight's Nightwing Guide

If you are looking for one more melee hero, then Nightwing is for you. He is more suited to melee combat rather than using his ranged skills. Most of his abilities will increase and buff his melee skills unlike the ranged abilities. He has his batons which are used for both close range and a long range thrust. His unique traversal ability is Flying trapeze which allows you to get around the city much easier.

When using Nightwing, you can build up his four skill trees to improve the melee damage you can already produce. Most of his skills will help to add attack to his melee combos and also increase critical chance and damage. With Nightwing’s history in the circus, it’s no surprise that he is too very acrobatic. This is why there is an Acrobat skill tree that helps increase the evasiveness of Nightwing, allowing you to harder to hit and increase the range of attacks.

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Red Hood: Supernatural Gunslinger

Gotham Knight's Red Hood Guide

Little Red Riding Hood is more targeting his ranged attack with the non-lethal weapons at his disposal. He is very skilled in close combat, regardless of his appearance slower than other heroes — This is why using his weapons can really help to overpower enemies. Red Hood is seen as the group’s strongman, so overpowering enemies is his specialty. When you look at his skill trees, you’ll see that you are upgrades their grapple attacks and how he can inflict fear on enemies.

Along with his combat skills, you’ll also be able to upgrade his ranged attacks — this is what the bulk of the skill trees focus on. Things like headshot damage, reload rate and damage increases, you can really make Red Hood a force to be reckoned with. As you level up Red Hood’s Brawler skills, you can upgrade to perform grabs against stronger enemies and grab enemies with higher health. This will not only help when you’re interrogating enemies, but it also means that when you’re fighting stronger enemies, you can deal more damage to them with grab strike and get out of difficult situations with one move. Red Hood’s traversal ability is more mysterious than others as he calls upon his mystical abilities from the Lazurus Pit to jump into the air and travel further around the map.

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Batgirl: Combat & Tech Expert

Gotham Knight's Batgirl Guide

Batgirl is a great all-rounder. She has great movement and melee, while she also had some great ranged attacks with her Batarangs. In addition to her fighting skills, Batgirl also has hacking skills which you can use as you walk around Gotham to fight crime and solve cases. The hacking abilities allow you to use AR mode to hack and disable certain devices such as cameras and turrets. You can also reload weapons to electrocute enemies. You can also upgrade Batgirl’s skills to make her invisible to sensors and cameraswhich makes your stealth missions that much easier.

Another great aspect of Batgirl’s abilities is Drone Momentum ability you can unlock. This option allows you to call a drone to whoever you want heal all allies with you, but it will also fire at nearby enemies. It just will last for 30 seconds and have one six minute cooldown, but it’s very handy in a pinch. You can also level up the drone in Knighthood skill tree which will give the drone a harmful pulse it emits once per summon and increases the fire rate of the drone to do more damage. In the Knighthood skill tree, you’ll also unlock her traverse ability, which is a cloak glider, allowing you to traverse more effectively.

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Robin: Master Of Stealth

Gotham Knights A guide to playing Robin

Robin is a great hero if you’re interested stealth and takedownswith Robin you can skilfully dip in and out of battle to surprise enemies. Robin’s skills are more geared towards stealth and melee, with his the expertise of the Bo staff, you can easily dispatch enemies should you need to take them out directly. With the use of the first skill tree, Slugger, you can increase the damage output of Robin in battle; this includes skill upgrades for the decoy Momentum ability.

Some of the stealth skills can be very useful to get you in and out of situations, like quiet footsteps when not sprinting, increased damage when undetected, allowing takedowns to be performed on larger enemies (and healing you in the process) — also, you’re harder to get noticed. You are also able to get a benefit that if you perform one air attackthen you drop one small cloud of smoke, allowing you to slide back seamlessly. Robin’s Knighthood’s traversal ability is a teleportation which can be done over short distances to help traverse buildings and areas quickly. You can also unlock skills in the Knighthood tree that allow you to teleport enemies to take them down from a distance, allowing you to remain undetected.

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All heroes are viable in co-op

Gotham Knights Changing Knights cover

In co-op mode, you’ll probably stick to hero you are most comfortable with, so choose carefully among your friend groups. Keep switching between characters in solo mode. Each hero has perks and skills that are good for all kinds of situations. When you go into quests, if you feel like you’re struggling, or you think the description of that quest fits a certain hero, switch to them. Using all heroes will not only give you a good idea of ​​which one is your favorite, but it can also help make certain missions easier to pass because you can tailor your heroes to specific scenarios.

This will also ensure, if you play co-op with friends, that you know which hero suits you best. Plus, if your favorite hero is already taken, at least you have some experience with the others. One of the great things about solo mode is that all heroes level the same even if they are not usedso if you use Knightwing for half of the main campaign then you choose to switch to Red Hood, he will be the same level as Knightwing and have all the AP points you earned to unlock skills.

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