Where to find Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights

Where to find Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights

This guide details your steps on where and how to find Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights after receiving a call from her. She has information on the Kirk Langstrom case she and Batman were working on.

While out on patrol to fight crime in the cruel nights of Gotham, you will receive a call from Alfred informing you that someone is trying to contact you.

The person has important information on the Kirk Langstrom case and claims that Batman has hired her to profile a couple of high-level criminals. The person is none other than Harley Quinn.

You start with one lead:

Batman and Harley were working together on something. Maybe it’s related to his investigation of Langstrom. Next step: go to Blackgate and talk to her.

Harley Quinn’s video message

Upon arrival at Belfrey, a video message invites you to meet Harley. Harley is currently locked up in Blackgate Prison and you need to go over to meet her and she will give you the information in person.

So choose the right character you want to go with. Allocate any unused action points before leaving Belfrey and heading over to Blackrock.

When you arrive, you’ll find that Blackgate is heavily guarded, but play it safe. They have the upper hand, so play it smart and take the high road. Or better said: go low and stealthy. Sneak past the guards and you should end up on the lower bridge. You can cross the bridge by jumping or by using the grappling hook. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, use the grappling hook again and move up to and follow the road before you can enter a hatch, which is only accessible by using the grappling hook.

Navigating through Blackgate Prison

Once inside, drop to the floor. Don’t worry, you won’t lose health even if it’s a big jump down. From there you follow the corridor until you can’t go any further.

If you look up you should see a ledge that you can grab onto and should go into a vent. The ventilation part is pretty decent. There’s no sideways you can take so just keep going.

At the end of the valve you are at the exit and you should see 4 prison guards beating up inmates. They have the following pattern: From the 2 nearest, one of them must go for a walk.

You can distract him by using your hacking tool, which is one of the unique perks only Batgirl can take. When he starts walking, you can take down the other one using “Silent Takedown”.

You can either sneak past the other two to the big door to the next level, or you can sneak past them all. It’s up to you, but remember that you also need XP points. You won’t get the XP points if you sneak past them.

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There is a large door that you must open to move forward. Press the corresponding key to open it. Now there’s only one time with a few mobs between you and the next area. You can take them down using “Silent Takedown” or bring the fight to them and take them all down.

The neighbor leads to Harley Quinn.

If you’re playing as Batgirl and chose the hacking skill, note the following:


Batgirl causes the panel door to fall to the ground, attracting nearby enemies.

Hacking Overload: Batgirl can detonate the electrical panel to damage nearby enemies.

To use the hacking ability, press the AR scanner button/key and then move the crosshair to the purple item. Press the execute button to hack the item.

Orange is the new Harley Quinn

You’ve finally arrived at your main target: Harley Quinn. Apparently, Batman hired Harley to profile a killer. But Harley is missing a piece, and she’s pointing at you to get it. It’s all the way down to the basement. So off you go.

A door opens behind you, leading you to the next area. You will encounter a few inmates and a few police officers who abuse the inmates. Take them all down.

There’s no way to sneak past them, but any XP is good XP, so let’s go. You can fight your way through. Use your perfect dodge and use your long-range ability to disrupt any mob with a weapon.

Unlock Momentum: Batarang Barrage

Go through the neighborhood to fight more mobs and the fight will trigger a new mini-boss. The new mini-boss is different because this one has a baton as opposed to the previous one, which held a shield.

The new mini-boss is pivotal because it gives you a new momentum ability, and it also serves as the perfect way to use the new Momentum ability. In Batgirl’s case, the new momentum ability is called: Batarang Barrage.

Momentum Abilities: Piercing

Enemy Armored Attacks can only be interrupted with Piercing Abilities, such as Batarang Barrage. Gain momentum, then press 2 to unleash Batarang Barrage. You gain speed by hitting enemies and/or knocking them unconscious. You start with a purple bar, but when it’s full, it turns white and you can use one of your momentum abilities.

The new boss is a tougher one, you have to hit the dodge button and break through the tough defenses using heavy attacks. Once you’re up to speed, make sure the mini-boss is disrupted, then hit the Batarang Barrage. It’s a good way to defeat the new mini-boss.

Go through to the end of the hallway and find a valve that will take you to the next area.

The next area has a few mobs and a heavy hitter with a shield. You can’t sneak past them because the pattern of how they move doesn’t allow you to sneak past them.

So sit tight and get ready to fight in a small space. The best thing about playing Batgirl is that she is made for fighting in confined spaces.

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The smaller inmates go down quickly, giving them no room to hit you. But the heavy hitter can be a little problematic. Try to keep distance between him and yourself.

Dodge when you can, then charge your heavy punch to break through his defenses. When he’s stunned for a second, hit him as hard as you can with everything you’ve got.

Using Batarang Barrage when his shield is up doesn’t really work. Your ability to beat momentum does. But you have to break his defenses first.

Then rinse repeat: Breakthrough defense using your heavy punch and hit him a few times until your Momentum bar is full and when he’s down hit him with strikes.

Reach the archive room in Blackgate Prison

Once you’re done with the mini-boss, move forward and find the next area which is the Records Room. Harley said she was looking for a card. But in such a large archive it is almost impossible to find.

Scan the area with the AR scanner. Items that are important will light up. You see some elements light up in purple and some in a golden color.

The golden ones contain the files that Harley requested. You won’t see what’s on the card until later. But you have to get them anyway. Press and hold the corresponding button that appears on the screen.

The purple items are a bonus quest and if you find all 4 you will receive extra XP.

The first marked item is an old newspaper and it reads as follows:

Old newspaper
Gotham Gazette
16 August 1847


The plague of grave robbers continues!

At least a dozen graves at Gotham City Cemetary were exhumed last night, the Gazette has learned. Police had no comment, but eyewitnesses say they saw signs of upheaval at a number of graves across the site.

The news comes just days after a local woman claimed to see her late husband walking down the street at night, a claim Dr. Amadeus Arkham attributed to hysteria…

[Story continues on E3]

Dr. Amadeus Arkham is of course the founder of Arkham Asylum.

The second card reads as follows:

Prisoner profile

“Cyrus Gold
Judge, they say
Crook, they say
But soon peace will be mine
Died on Saturday
Buried on Sunday
Born on Monday
They have no idea…”

An attached memo from the guard confirms that they actually had no idea what Gold was writing about. He died later that month during a scheduled transfer to Arkham Asylum, on a Saturday.

This is of course a reference to the DC character, Solomon Grundy.

The third note reads as follows:


“Joan Crowne? She’s been here before. The name was Elliot back then.

They say that a series of murders are similar to what is in her novels? It is rich. She’s a writer, for Pete’s sake. She reads the newspaper.

Put her in a private cell. Don’t worry, her like will never last long. She’ll be out before we know it.

And tell her thank you for signing my book.”

The fourth and last note reads:


Jonathan Brindley was a Gotham City attorney in the mid-19th century. He became known for helping former slaves with their manumission papers, a task many lawyers of the time would not even entertain.

Now that you have everything from the records room, go back to Harley and give her the note you found in exchange for her notebook.

On your way back, you’ll find an outrageous mob beating up prison guards. Take down EVERYONE because they are in the way between you and Harley Quinn.

When you reach Harley’s prison with the quest item, Harley will make life difficult for you. Instead of giving you the book, she breathes in the helium gas from one of her balloons in the prison and blows it into what looks like a giant hippopotamus with the notebook attached to it. Now is the time to run really fast to catch that book.

When you run after the big hippo balloon, you run through the prison yard. There is a big battle going on and you have to beat each and every challenger. There are a few mobs with a shield and some of the new ones with the baton. There are bonuses for perfect dodges and taking down mobs.

When you see a large crowd, use your new Momentum ability Batarang Barrage because it’s a very powerful area of ​​effect that can overwhelm the crowd, making it easy for you to take them down one by one. And if they are close to losing consciousness, they will be knocked out by your Batarang Barrage. Once you’re done with the mob, your first mission with Harley Quinn will end and you can choose to go to the Belfry.

Batman’s Last Case

Before Batman died, he was working on a case. He asked Harley Quinn to profile relatable characters that he has found. Harley’s profiling skills are highly skilled, and at Batman’s request, she has profiled some of the most antisocial criminals incarcerated in Blackgate.

Red Hood believes the Warden is involved, but some of the crimes go back centuries in the Nightwing Notes. While Batgirl notes that in all the profiles Harley investigated, the criminals all came out on appeal. Key witnesses were murdered so the suspects were let loose. The modus operandi is the same: Everyone was fixed with knives. Just like Kirk Langstrom. But what is the connection?

Tim Drake actually makes the connection. All the suspects were the same, like Oswald Cobblepot, but Cobblepot served the full sentence is now the owner of a club and claims he is legitimate. It’s time for the Gotham Knights to have a chat with Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin.

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