Where to find all materials and resources in potion permission

Where to find all materials and resources in potion permission

Whether you’re brewing potions or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you need to find the right materials.

In the charming indie boyfriend Potion permission, you’ve arrived in the small island town of Moonbury to use your big-city science to cure what ails the locals (although they kind of hate you for this idea until they warm up a bit). You’ve come from the capital to help fill in what the local witch doctor, Matheo, is missing in medicine, working hard to keep the townspeople safe and strong.

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Between upgrading your home, tools, kitchen and potions, you’ll need quite a few ingredients throughout your time in Moonbury, not all of which are easy to find. However, whatever you need or what you need it for, we’ve got you covered on how to get all the resources and materials in Potion Permit.


Resources for building and upgrading

While you have to pay for your upgrades with real gold, the city’s currency, you’ll also need a healthy amount of wood and stone.

Both of these items can be found in any wild area outside the town of Moonbury: Meadow Range, Glaze Iceberg or Barren Wasteland. Chop down trees with your trusty ax to get the wood you need, and crack the boulders and rocks in each area to get stone.

Cutting down trees also yields assorted saps, while some rocks also contain ore. What each one gives changes based on region, so we’ll expand on that in each region’s section of this guide below.

Resources and materials available in the Meadow Range

The Meadow Range is the first area outside of Moonbury that you will venture to for materials and resources. To collect the plants in the game, quite simply take your scythe to them and hack until their “health bar” is depleted. Each will have a different shape and be of a different element for potion-making purposes.

The first part of the Meadow Range is unlocked by default when you begin the game, while you must complete the Clearing the Landslide mission before accessing what is past the collapsed cliff wall. There will be two materials past the slide – you have to complete an extra mission each before you can harvest them.

Plants in the Meadow Range

  • Basil
  • Daisies
  • Jasmine
  • Lemon balm
  • Feverfew
  • Lavender
  • Sunflower
  • Konjac (after completing the mission with annoying errors)
  • Rainbow dew (after completing the Unknown Remains quest)

Combat Drops

  • Sticky Jelly: defeat the Green Blobs
  • Tracks: defeated the Greedbonnets
  • Bearclaw: defeat the Honeypaws
  • Savage Mane: defeat the Bonemasks
  • Stiff coat: defeat the Pangols
  • Bug Leg: defeat crown mite
  • Black fur: defeat the Blackpaws

Wood and stone drops

  • Tasteless juice: trees with orange leaves
  • Bitter-tasting juice: trees with thinner trunks and green leaves
  • Sour Juice: trees with red leaves
  • Iron ore: black stones
  • Copper nugget: white stones
  • Silver Nugget: white stones with silver flecks

Resources and materials available in Glaze Iceberg

North of the Meadow Range you will find a cable car, which is in arrears when you first arrive. Luckily, Bubbles and Forrest have an idea of ​​how to fix it, and talking to them when they arrive starts the Fixing the Cable Car quest. After you complete that, the entire Glaze Iceberg is yours to explore certain items remain locked behind multiple missions until you complete them.

Plants around the Glaze Iceberg

  • Orchid
  • velvet flower
  • Rose
  • Cold flower (after completing the A Floral Request quest)
  • Yggdrasil (after completing the Cold Residue quest)

Combat Drops

  • ominous tongue: defeat the Bomber Bees
  • Premium Pelt: defeat the Elder Wolves
  • Tree fruit: defeat the Blossom Shooters
  • Golden Shell: defeat the Gold Bugs
  • Dark shards: defeat the Koblin Assassins
  • Quality nut: defeat the Spook Diggers

Wood and stone drops

  • Sweetened juice: trees with green leaves
  • Nugget: larger stones

Resources and materials available in the Barren Wasteland

The last area of Moonbury will take you a while to get to, but it’s rich in resources when you finally arrive. Getting here requires quite a bit: completing your Second chemistry testcompletes a plumbing problem assignmentand cough up the materials to fix the bridge. But when you arrive, the whole area unlocks immediately, and even though it’s guarded by high level enemies, it’s all yours. As with the other areas, two ingredients here are also locked behind completing more missions.

Plants in desolate wasteland

  • Datura desert
  • Hibiscus
  • Lacrima
  • Black lotus (after completing the Black Lotus quest)
  • Dragon Aloe (after completing the Drake Aloe quest)

Combat Drops

  • Giant tang: defeat the Sunclaws
  • Hard shell: defeat the Sandcrawls
  • Gold Shell: defeat the Gold Bugs
  • Luminous Crystal: defeat the Koblin Mages
  • Dark Crystal: defeat the Koblin Generals
  • Majestic Horn: defeat the Grandhorns
  • Razor fin: defeat the Ironfins

Wood and stone drops

  • Sweetened juice: thicker trees
  • Tasty juice: thickest trees
  • Moonites: large stones
  • Nugget: smaller stones

Ingredients for cooking

While you won’t find much in the way of potion ingredients and upgrade materials in Moonbury itself, you can want find almost everything you need for cooking. We’ve already touched on the things available in the Meadow Range, Glaze Iceberg, and Barren Wasteland, but that’s it a few odds and ends you need to act for if you have culinary ambitions. Additionally, if seafood is more your thing, be sure to check out our guide to fishing in Potion Permit for help.

As with most games like Potion Permit, you can ask Reyner to install a kitchen into the potion house which allows you to create your own dishes at home.

Ingredients available in the Meadow Range

  • Mushroom: cut them with your scythe
  • Grain: cut it with your scythe
  • Honey: defeat the Honeypaws
  • Ginger: from your dog digging

Ingredients available in Glaze Iceberg

  • Snow Berry: cut it with your scythe
  • Potato: cut them with your scythe
  • Truffle: from your dog digging

Ingredients available in the Barren Wasteland

  • Garlic: cut it with your scythe
  • Coconut: cut it with your scythe
  • Juicy meat: defeat the Koblin Generals
  • Ginseng: your dog digs

If you haven’t visited the Barren Wasteland yet, garlic and coconut can also be purchased. The farmhouse has garlic for 4g, and Ottmar sells coconuts at the cafe for 10G.

Ingredients to buy from the farmhouse

  • Apple: 5g
  • Grain: 5g
  • Garlic: 4g
  • Milk: 5g
  • Egg: 5g
  • Tender meat: 8g

Ingredients to fish for

  • White meat: easier to catch fish in Moonbury
  • Pink meat: more difficult to catch fish in Moonbury

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