When Games Get Serious – Hindustan Times

When Games Get Serious – Hindustan Times

The power of games is phenomenal, and using games as a means to facilitate learning is by no means new. Games have the unique ability to create simulated environments, scenarios and response actions, and industries of all types now use games to facilitate a wide range of training – from decision making to business simulation or even mind mapping. Yet the benefits of games extend far beyond engagement. Studies show that games promote skill development and proficiency while improving less quantifiable qualities such as teamwork and collaboration, creativity and productivity.

It is for the same reasons that cybergaming is now recognized as part of the next evolution of preparing tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce. This approach has received validation across the cybersecurity industry and has also gained traction in a number of vertical sectors, including finance, high technology, and healthcare, as an innovative training strategy and as a hiring tactic and differentiation for cybersecurity personnel.

Moving games to a competitive framework helps promote even higher achievement of performance, goal setting and investment. In August 2023, over 200 top-level cyber players representing 64 countries will compete in challenges related to web applications and system exploitation, cryptography, reverse engineering, hardware challenges and attack and defense at the global exhibition International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC). For the first time, the week-long event will be combined with a conference to become the 2023 International Cybersecurity Championship and Conference (IC3), held July 31 – August 4 in San Diego, CA, USA. In addition to the flagship competition, the event will present a number of educational opportunities for competitors and non-gamers alike to improve their own cyber security acumen and skills. Attendees will be able to network with industry leaders, test their cyber skills at a hands-on gaming exhibition, and hear some of the world’s leading cyber experts deliver information on trending topics and current best practices in cyber security gaming.

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For the first time, the week-long event will be combined with a conference to become the 2023 International Cybersecurity Championship and Conference (IC3),
For the first time, the week-long event will be combined with a conference to become the 2023 International Cybersecurity Championship and Conference (IC3),

As host of IC3, the United States is committed to using this competitive framework to promote global collaboration to address worldwide workforce challenges in cybersecurity. These challenges are significant, with today’s Cyberseek data revealing a workforce gap of over 750,000 open roles in the US alone. The same shortage extends far beyond US borders to countries around the world. In addition to worker shortages, organizations globally are looking for ways to upskill their current workforce. Cybergaming is working to address both of these concerns, and the positive nature of this initiative is proven in its reception from competing nations.

“India’s participation in IC3 will foster ingenuity among cybersecurity practitioners and help develop a heightened standard of cybersecurity awareness and employment within our own country and beyond our borders. We look forward to participating in this united global effort around cybersecurity workforce initiatives and our continued involvement and support for this innovative program,” said Nimitt Jhaveri, Chairman of India Cyber ​​Games.

IC3 brings together the best and the brightest in the cyber security industry to watch a global esports style. The competition will be live streamed and the arena-like environment will be buzzing with excitement from shoutcasters and leaderboards. Consisting primarily of capture-the-flag and attack-and-defense games, it will provide a safe and legal place for individuals to practice new and tested offensive and defensive hacking techniques.

Games like these will develop cybersecurity leaders who are able to think outside of traditional constraints and collaborate across a much broader cybersecurity community. It will also develop a much more diverse workforce that will enrich society by offering a variety of perspectives that will spark innovation and create better decision-making.

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The decision to combine the championship games with a conference makes it possible to promote a more dynamic and integrated security strategy. Government, education, industry and communities will come together at this event, demonstrating the importance of connectivity and a unified plan for identifying, hiring and training mission-critical cyber security roles.

“Combining esports with gaming is a new approach to developing cybersecurity leadership and talent,” notes Jessica Gulick, commissioner of the US Cyber ​​Games. “Playing on a global level allows our competitors not only to improve their own skills, but to create a global network of security-conscious individuals with a multitude of skills, perspectives and cultural diversity.”

The event supports ongoing efforts by the US-based National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) to grow and sustain a workforce skilled in cybersecurity.

It is said that necessity is often the mother of invention. One only needs to look at the intersection of gaming and cyber security to see how true this is.

Jessica Gulick, Commissioner of the US Cyber ​​Games & Team https://www.uscybergames.com

Mr. Nimitt Jhaveri Chairman – India Cyber ​​Games Initiative https://indiacyberteam.in

One click to join the ICG community https://discord.gg/hGCFSc8vX6

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