What is Jaguar’s InControl service and how does it work?

What is Jaguar’s InControl service and how does it work?

Jaguar’s InControl refers to a range of connected features and apps that control the car’s infotainment, safety and driver assistance systems.

JaguarInControl technology refers to the automaker’s connected features and apps available for the I-Pace electric SUV and select other models. With car technology developing at a rapid pace, automakers are rolling out packages like InControl to enhance the driving experience. It is increasingly common for apps to be integrated with cars, allowing drivers to control the vehicle and certain settings using their smartphone. For example, the Hyundai Digital Key allows users to remotely start, stop and unlock their cars.


Connected car services can also be used by EV owners to get the most out of their cars. The MyChevrolet app comes with an Energy Assist feature, which allows Chevrolet EV drivers to track remaining range and where the nearest charging station is located. However, cars with an internet connection tend to be the target of hackers. Just as it’s fascinating to unlock a car using a smartphone, bad actors can also exploit the opportunity to breach security. In November 2020, a Tesla Model X was reportedly infiltrated by a hacker in 90 minutes. What makes this scarier is that Tesla EVs are usually layered with safety features. If a Tesla can be broken in under two minutes, it raises questions about the future of smart cars.

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Jaguar describes InControl as “the technological heart of the cabin experience.It is designed to enhance the delivery of navigation, entertainment and safety features. InControl is powered by an Intel Multi-Core processor along with a high-speed Ethernet network. With it, drivers are easily connected to the car’s infotainment, audio and driver assistance systems. There is a link to a page for Jaguar owners to find out if their vehicle is compatible with this service. All they need to do is select the car’s model and enter the last six digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN). To start using InControl, Jaguar must create an account which immediately activates the services upon completion.

How InControl features work

Jaguar InControls Remote and Protect enables drivers to easily connect their vehicle to their smartphone. With it, Jaguar owners can access vehicle status such as fuel level and available range. There is also a remote beep and flash function that allows Jaguar owners to quickly locate their vehicles. InControl Secure is a unique vehicle tracking system designed to help drivers secure their cars. Also included in the Secure package is a theft warning system that is triggered when the Jaguar’s alarm sounds. If this happens, a representative from the Tracking Center for Stolen Vehicles contacts the driver for further directions. Drivers will see alerts appear on the smartphone app and the InControl website. The alerts will advise the owner to contact the tracking team.

InControl’s map function helps drivers find places of interest such as charging stations, ATMs and restaurants. Jaguar owners also enjoy over-the-air software updates that ensure the navigation system includes new road layouts. To help drivers easily use InControl’s connectivity features such as Wi-Fi Hotspot and Pro services, Jaguar dealers usually install a SIM card.

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