What is “bluebugging” and how to save yourself from room hacking

What is “bluebugging” and how to save yourself from room hacking

Bluebugging is a form of hacking that hackers use to gain access to user’s devices with visible Bluetooth connections. The device that gets hacked through this method is called to be bluebugged. After a device is jailbroken, hackers can steal contact information, eavesdrop on calls, read and transmit messages, and more.

Bluebugging was originally used to attack laptops or computers with Bluetooth connectivity. Later, hackers used this technique to attack mobile phones and other gadgets. Martin Herfurt, an independent security researcher, has claimed that the bug was able to access the user’s phonebook and call history by exploiting a flaw in the Bluetooth protocol.

Devices with Bluetooth connectivity are more susceptible to Bluebugging

The device with Bluetooth functionality may be bluebugged. Hackers use wireless earbuds to implement this technique. Hackers can record the conversations of users using apps that connect to TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones or other devices. Once the device is jailbroken, the attacker has access to your contacts and can change or take them, conduct and record chats, read and send messages, and more.

How does Bluebugging work?

Hackers use Bluetooth connection to hack the Bluetooth compatible device. So, when the device’s Bluetooth is set as visible, the hackers try to pair with the device via Bluetooth. Note that most devices’ Bluetooth connectivity remains configured to be visible by default.

Once a connection is established, hackers can use brute force attacks to bypass authentication. The hackers then install malware on the device to gain unauthorized access to it. Once a Bluetooth-enabled device is within 10 meters of the hacker, it can be executed.

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How to protect your device against Bluebugging

You can save your device from Bluebugging by first disabling Bluetooth to prevent anyone from finding your Bluetooth devices. This will prevent hackers from pairing with your device. Then you should remove paired Bluetooth devices if they are not in use. Another thing you can do is update the system software on your device, limit the use of open WiFi, and using a VPN is also an extra layer of security.

You should change the default setting for your device that keeps Bluetooth set to discoverable. By keeping the Bluetooth setting on visible, you make your gadgets vulnerable to unauthorized connections.

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