What is Axie Infinity Token and should you buy it?

What is Axie Infinity Token and should you buy it?

The cryptocurrency market is showing a downward trend starting from the spring of 2022. However, despite the crypto winter, we should not give up and think that crypto is dead, as many on the network say. On the contrary, every downward trend is always replaced by an upward tendency and, as experienced investors say, it is wise to buy crypto at the bottom to make a fortune when the trend changes and prices skyrocket.

Which crypto to choose? There are many different crypto projects offering their assets. If you’re into blockchain games, you’ve probably heard of one of the first and the smartest – Axie Infinity. For those who are not aware of this, we will discuss this project briefly. So what is AXS crypto and is it worth investing?

Axie game
Inspired by the trendy Pokemon game, Axie Infinity developers created a play-to-earn platform where cute little creatures could be bred, collected, bought, sold, fought, etc. Each creature is NFT. They are divided according to the level of their scarcity:
• Rarely
• Shore rarely
• Legendary.

There are over 500 different items and parts that can be used to collect and craft NFTs, then trade them or battle them in tournaments. The more levels a player passes, the more resources they get to buy new items and breed new creatures.
The AXS coin is available for third parties to develop their own NFTs and add them to Axie World.

Axie tokens are available on all major platforms so you can buy tokens. There is a threshold for participation in the game – you need at least three tokens to be part of the Axie universe. Read the game rules carefully.

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Since the token price is now quite low – $6.37, it is available for purchase and holding, probably for everyone. The question is whether the platform will continue to develop and add more scenarios to the game. The thing is that big players got a little tired of playing the same game plots.

Another factor to consider is platform security. Axis was hacked in 2022 and over $625 million was stolen. As a result, it hit the play-to-earn platform and reduced its popularity.

If you want to buy AXS crypto, you can do it on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

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