What happens if Twitter gets hacked?

What happens if Twitter gets hacked?

Michael Calore: Yes.

Lauren Goode: Yes.

Lily Hay Newman: I usually … I eat a protein bar, and I’m like, “Yeah. Oh, okay. Great. This is good,” and then I go to eat it again, and I’m like, ” No, I’m sick of it. I don’t want another one.”

Michael Calore: Yes. Or you eat one and just think, “OK, that was nutrition. Now I can live another hour.”

Lily Hay Newman: Even the Wicked Maple protein bars, that’s pretty much all we’ll get to. I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite food, but I can eat them several times over the course of whatever, a month or a week or whatever, and get through it and not be just like, I don’t know, throw it out or feel sorry for myself for putting myself in the situation. However, like last time I was on the show when I recommended a type of N95 mask and disclosed that the masks are very unattractive, I feel the need to disclose this time that others who have tried the protein bars just didn’t like them . So when I’ve given them to friends or been like, “Oh yeah, these protein bars are so good.” They said they thought the taste was disgusting and they don’t understand… because it’s not sweet, that’s the thing. I don’t like it when protein bars are super sweet so…

Michael Calore: Neither do I.

Lily Hay Newman: This is what you get when you have me on the show. My recommendations are a real mixed bag, but for my palate, Wicked Protein Bars in maple, 15 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, and I see here, it says “Certified clean.”

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Michael Calore: Well, that’s something I always look for in the food I eat.

Lily Hay Newman: Yes.

Michael Calore: Certified clean? What? Like it’s PG? I do not know.

Lily Hay Newman: Exactly, exactly. I need a G rating for my protein bars. Anyway, that’s my recommendation.

Lauren Goode: It’s a pretty good one.

Michael Calore: It sounds both delicious and nutritious. Thanks for the recommendation. Lauren, what is your recommendation?

Lauren Goode: I just have to say, while Lily was giving her excellent recommendation, I was going through my Twitter inbox, and I went all the way back to my very first DM on Twitter. My very first DMs were in 2009, June 2009, and it was just a bunch of people saying, “Hey, thanks for following,” like it’s a—

Michael Calore: Old fashioned.

Lauren Goode: That’s what people did then. Yes.

Michael Calore: Old fashioned.

Lauren Goode: There’s someone with the handle @citizenfreepress and it’s “Thanks for following.” And then, @runnersworld, who I followed, “Thanks for following.” That’s it. That’s it, that’s the thrill.

Michael Calore: OK, Lauren. What is your recommendation?

Lauren Goode: My recommendation this week is Andy Greenberg’s new book, Tracers in the Dark. Andy is a colleague of ours. He works closely with Lily on our security desk and I have to admit I have yet to read Andy’s book. It just came out and I’m hoping that we’ll have the opportunity to have Andy on the show at some point to talk about it because he’s doing the press circuit for it now. But his book, Tracers in the Dark, is about the detectives chasing criminals through the very dark crypto underworld. He interviews prosecutors, industry analysts, even some criminals themselves. He writes about how it’s these clues in the pseudo-anonymous, decentralized blockchain that tip off investigators to these crimes, and that has much larger implications, I think, for our concepts of privacy and anonymity online. Andy is just a powerful, masterful writer and excellent reporter. And so I look forward to reading it, but I recommend it to everyone else right now, Tracers in the Dark.

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