What does Dabi want? [SPOILER]?

What does Dabi want? [SPOILER]?

This article contains spoilers for the Paranormal War of Liberation events in Season 6 of My Hero Academia, now streaming on Crunchyroll Gunga Mountain Villa is engulfed in chaos as the Paranormal Liberation Front tries to rally its troops and find some form of teamwork. The sudden appearance of Gigantomachia i My Hero Academiaseason 6, episodes 6 and 7 give the villains the opportunity to regroup, especially when Re-Destro and a few others connect the dots that lead to the awakened Shigaraki, which is precisely where the colossal beast is headed.


Before storming off in the direction of Jaku Hospital, Machia makes sure to scoop up what’s left of the League of Villains and offers them a free ride; However, Dabi is on her own Stain-fueled mission and insists that Skeptic of all people accompany them to the evil reunion.

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Twice as nice

My Hero Academia What does Dabi want with Skeptic- Twice, Himiko and Skeptic

Skeptic hasn’t made the greatest first impression on League of Villains, especially after teasing Twice; However, Dabi has never claimed to be the most sentimental guy around and isn’t about to let any bad blood get in the way of his plans. Tomoyasu Chikazoku’s strange Quirk allows him to transform human-sized inanimate objects into replicas of whomever he chooses, with the capacity to produce multiple puppets at once. These clones are controlled by Skeptic and his trusty laptop, but what could Dabi want with this ability, and why was he chosen over the other (more potent) villains nearby?

Due to his troubled past, Dabi does not display the best teamwork skills and lacks camaraderie, even among other League of Villains. His kind words to Bubaigawara in Season 6 Episode 3 therefore come as quite a shock to most, as he absolves Twice of all blame and encourages him to persevere and keep fighting. Dabi claims he would have cried at the sight of his fallen friend’s corpse (if he had any tear ducts left, that is), though he seems more devastated by the loss of Twice’s Quirk than anything else. However, it seems that he has already considered the similarities between Bubaigawara and Tomoyasu’s Quirks, and has kept Skeptic in mind as a backup option to replace the incredible power of Sad Man’s Parade.

Skeptic’s Cloning Quirk

Skeptic My Hero Academia

Anthromorph can serve as a catalyst for (even more) mayhem, as the heroes would undoubtedly be overwhelmed and disoriented if villainous copycats suddenly appeared all over the already tumultuous battlefield. It’s unclear if Skeptic’s Quirk has definitive size limitations, but if he could recreate the Near-High-End Nomus (there’s certainly enough large-scale debris lying around Jaku City for the task), the already struggling heroes would likely have little chance of escape. Alternatively, if Deku in particular is duplicated, Shigaraki can use his search to find the One For All and retrieve the boy, while the puppets cause confusion by insisting that they’re not saving him because it’s all a trap. On the other hand, Dabi could have a more specific plan in mind that involves making Shigaraki copies, which would help the symbol of fear immensely.

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On a battlefield flooded with Shigaraki clones, the heroes wouldn’t know which one to target and waste unnecessary energy eliminating puppets instead of fighting the real deal. The sadistic tyrant will likely take the first chance he gets to sneak away and follow through on his plan to grab the Deku and escape to a more protected area to steal the One For All without interruption. However, the worst-case scenario concerns Eraser Head, who essentially keeps everyone alive with Erasure, but will in all likelihood lose sight of the true Shigaraki with so many copies running around. As Deku already surmised, this would cause the prodigy’s almighty powers to return, which would be the end of everyone once Decay takes root (yet again.)

Dabi’s devilish wish

My Hero Academia Dabi Toya Todoroki

Considering that Dabi has made a point of aligning himself with Stain’s ideologies (combined with his lack of interest in preventing the Gunga Mountain Villa Raid), it suggests that his involvement in this whole affair has little to do with helping Shigaraki. Although Tomoyasu’s Quirk is quite powerful, he is best known for being the most tech-savvy villain, and his IT skills could prove quite beneficial to Dabi’s potential plan to publicly expose the #1 hero as a fraud. Not everyone is aware of Enji Todoroki’s sordid past, and considering his problems assuming the role of the new symbol of peace, a scandal of this magnitude could end Endeavor’s career.

Power-hungry Endeavor has won no best sire awards and only recently began trying to repair his tenuous family relationships, which is too little too late for some of his offspring. Some viewers may have connected the dots (or just read chapter 290 of the Manga) and discovered Dabi’s true identity, which turns out to be Toya Todoroki (burdened with tons of childhood trauma.) Unfortunately, Toya is denied the chance to work through his fatherhood questions because the Todoroki family believes that their eldest son has perished after he accidentally set a mountainside on fire with his rage-fueled inferno many moons ago.

Years of abuse and neglect created a lot of resentment in all of Endeavor’s children, but lead this particular pyromaniac down a villainous path instead of motivating him to return to his family once he recovers from his burns. Toya technically died in the forest fire, with Dabi rising like a phoenix from the ashes with a new mission in mind, finding like-minded individuals in the Vanguard Action Squad thanks to Giran’s help. Dabi, patient, would love to even the score with her father by letting the world discover the darker side of Heroes and dethrone Endeavour; and who better to help him than a video editing, hacking genius like Skeptic? After taking the free ride to the crime scene, Dabi and Skeptic were able to construct their own mid-plot narrative to broadcast to the masses, revealing that the #1 hero raised a villain and then destroy society’s faith in the man, for good.

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