What are your gaming resolutions for the new year? – Destructoid

What are your gaming resolutions for the new year?  – Destructoid

Set myself goals for 2023

At this point, I think we all have a pretty good idea of ​​what a great year it was for game releases, but now I’m interested in focusing the conversation a little more on how this year in games went for us individually. After all, it’s the time of year when many of us will set New Year’s resolutions to help us introspect and change our habits as the clock ticks into 2023, and I want to do the same when it comes to my favorite hobby. I’m someone who benefits a lot from structure in my life, so anything I can do to create expectations and goals for myself I think will help me become more of the player I want to be in 2023. So here’s my gameplay decision for next year.

Pick up the controller

This first one seems a little obvious, but it’s a big one for me: play more games. After dealing with some horrible mental health issues that have knocked me on my ass over the last few years, I was having trouble getting myself to do anything, let alone work up the energy to start a new game I’d never played before. Thankfully, I have help now and things have slowly improved for me, meaning I played a lot more games in 2022 than I have in ages – and I actually got lost in the games I loved this year for a change.

Another small goal I’m setting is to complete at least one open world game this year. I did QA for a third person action game a few years ago, and since then I’ve had a ton of trouble sitting down and playing for more than about an hour at a time, especially when the gameplay is similar to the game I was working on. It’s one of the big reasons why indie games were my focus this year (aside from the fact that indie is always my favorite). I missed games like that Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok because it all felt like too much for me right now, but I’m determined to break through that mindset this year.

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Horizon Forbidden West
Image via Guerrilla Games

Finish what you started

I don’t know what it is, but I have a hard time finishing things I’ve started, whether it’s a book, a show, a movie, or of course a game. Sometimes it’s because I lose interest, sometimes it’s because I’m enjoying something so much I just don’t want it to end, and a lot of the time I have no idea why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s a strange habit I have, but it has to stop in the new year. Since I’m trying to play more games in general in 2023 and actually rolling credits on the games I start should help with that.

The other problem that arises with this habit is that I won’t leave just one or two games unfinished that I’ve started, but four, five, six at a time. I forget what games I’ve even started, or (this is the worst) I leave a save file sitting around too long and I know it’s going to be a chore trying to remember the controls and where I was in the story, but I’ve invested too much time already to want to start over. Why am I like this?

Platformers, anyone?

I’ve conquered many genres I thought I’d never enjoy as a baby gamer, but one category of games continues to elude me completely: platformers. The precision required to not even excel in the genre but just make it through a title is something I lack to the point of quitting Pig due to a platform jump i couldn’t do. Pig.

My platform solution this year is to pick a game to try out and just stick with it until I get it. It will take a lot of patience and focus, but I really believe I can do it. I have always been interested in playing Celeste anyway due to the fact that it’s an amazing game and i also recently heard that it’s a game that will simultaneously teach you platforming and make you fall in love with the genre that resembles it Hades did for hack-and-slash gaming, and that was all I needed to hear. I don’t expect to become a platforming speedrunner or anything, but if I can get good enough to get through a game without the rage ending, I’ll be happy.

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Screenshot via Maddy Makes Games

Mods… mods everywhere

One of my favorite news articles to write is about the amazing fashion the community has come up with. I’ve been a casual admirer of the modding community for quite a while, and the only real mod I’ve ever worked on was jailbreaking my Quest so I could play K-pop songs on it Beat Saber. I don’t think I’m quite ready to try and start making my own mods at this point, but in the new year I just want to try out more mods for games I love.

It’s already enough of a challenge for my non-existent technical skills, plus it’s nice to put a new spin on some of my favorite games.

Let’s love the little guys

I’ve made my love for the indie scene more than clear at this point, but the indies I play are still some of the most popular games of the year. My roommate is very good at digging into the depths of the internet and finding the coolest stuff from the smallest developer teams imaginable (such as Hypnospace Outlaw for example, pictured below), and I will emulate that energy in 2023.

I’m lucky enough to have a platform in the gaming space, and I want nothing more than to use it to highlight the smallest game developers out there who are really pioneering the way, especially shining a light on marginalized communities.

Screenshot via No More Robots

What about you?

So those are my gaming resolutions for the new year, but I want to know – what are yours? Are you trying to expand your horizons in terms of genre? Looking to hone your skills in your favorite title? Maybe you’re looking to get a loved one with a kickass co-op game.

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I want to hear what your goals are for next year when it comes to gaming, so let me know your plans in the comments!

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