What are the common cybersecurity threats for video gamers?

What are the common cybersecurity threats for video gamers?

Everyone loves to play video games. Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, we bet you enjoy a round of Candy Crush or Solitaire on your phone. It’s great. We are in a golden age of gaming, where immersive experiences are becoming more and more advanced, but there are issues with cyber security. If you’re a Mac or PC gamer, there’s a greater chance that you could be hacked or otherwise exploited through a gap in your cyber security. How do you protect yourself while playing online? Take a look at our suggestions for closing these gaps in your cyber security.

Virtual valuables

The online world is a good place to get scammed, and no one knows that better than a gamer. And no, we’re not talking about the disappointing performance of No Man’s Sky when it was released. We’re talking about trading that sword you won in a boss fight for some real money. Originally designed to incentivize players, rare items have evolved into a full economic system, often with digital assets. When transactions like selling a weapon are done in the crypto space, already a way to lose your money quickly, these transactions are final and anonymous. So a good way to stop someone from taking your gun and running without paying the full amount is with a smart contract, which will only complete the transaction if both parties agree to the terms of the exchange.

Data theft

No matter what kind of player you are. Any console, mobile, Mac, web platform or Windows game collects data about you. If you play mobile or social networking games like Farmville, the data collected on you can be quite extensive. It may include your current location, your phone calls, and your transaction information. Hackers mostly operate on public Wi-Fi, so use it to a minimum.

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Weak authentication

Sometimes you only have yourself to blame. Too many of us log into everything with the same password, which is no doubt your own name. It’s like leaving the keys in the lock on the outside of the door. We get it, a player has too many things to log into, so you want to make things easier by accessing everything from one account? It’s like having one door to your entire home. If you must, keep a log of all your passwords – offline! Keeping a log online is like handing over the key.

Damaged product

Malware is good at wreaking havoc no matter who you are, but where it gets players is with the tempting promise of “cheats” or “hacks” to get past that boss you just can’t beat. The next time you’re browsing Reddit for a walkthrough, be wary of the link that says it has the answer. It can access your game accounts or even your PC and unleash a malicious program on your computer, destroying everything and stealing data as it goes.

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