Western RPG franchises that have never dropped below 75 on Metacritic

Western RPG franchises that have never dropped below 75 on Metacritic

RPGs have become all the rage, and most modern Western games try their best to add some RPG mechanics to their titles to add a tangible sense of progression that many modern gamers have come to know. Western RPGs that do justice to this genre end up being incredible experiences that fans will remember long after they’re done going through an epic adventure that never lets up at any step along the way.

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That said, most western RPGs don’t reach the heights of excellence they should. Those that do end up creating franchises of their own, and even these don’t stay consistent for long. As a result, the following video game series should be praised for maintaining a constant level of success throughout its long time in the industry.


10/10 The Witcher

The Witcher Remake The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt combat Witcher fighting styles Cyclops

The Witcher is one of the best video game trilogies of all time. The prospect of playing more games in the series is positively salivating and exactly what CD Projekt Red is providing with a series of announcements regarding new games in the series.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the game that brought a ton of attention to the series, but previous games shouldn’t be appreciated either. Each game in the series is fun in its own right, with highly engaging narratives that are a blast to play through.

Thalmor Prisoner Escort

The Elder Scrolls is an incredible western RPG franchise that needs no introduction. The success of this series propelled Bethesda into the video game design spotlight and established them as one of the best video game companies around for the longest time.

Rankings are not available for games earlier Morrowind, but most people won’t mind since the series has been excellent ever since. Even The Elder rolls online managed to turn things around after a relatively poor launch and is considered one of the best MMOs out there right now.

8/10 Baldur’s Gate

Player with a spear on his back talking to a man with a funny hat on his head in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate is easily one of the most popular CRPG franchises of all time. Each game in the series is filled to the brim with long and engaging adventures that players can spend with a group of memorable party members.

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The release of Baldur’s Gate 3 may take a while, but the game has already impressed most players in Early Access. It’s only a matter of time before Larian releases the third game and establishes this series as one of the best CRPGs again.

7/10 Mass effect

0_0005_Mass Effect 2

Mass effect is another great RPG series that most people are already pretty aware of. The adventures of Commander Shepard as he strives to save the galaxy from extinction is a riveting story all the way to its contentious ending.

Mass Effect: Andromedamay have been a dud for the series in many ways, but even this title managed to score a 76 for the Xbox One version on Metacritic. It’s a testament to the high standards of the series that even its weakest and most maligned entry still holds such a decent rating.

6/10 Fable

Lady Gray Hero Victor

Fable is Microsoft’s most popular RPG series, and fans are happy to see that another game is about to make this series after a long time. Peter Molyneux may not be associated with the franchise anymore, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Every game in Fable the series delivers an epic journey despite the stories being somewhat clichéd. Regardless, all three games have very memorable moments of their own that make them a joy to play through.

5/10 Deus Ex

Adam in Deus Ex

Many may debate the inclusion of this series here, but there’s no doubt that the first game did a great job of making the RPG systems as important as ever. The presence of these mechanics may have been toned down in later games, but their shadows still play a large role in the proceedings.

Deus Exits immersive sci-fi world combined with an emphasis on expansions made it a unique game world to explore in each entry. Players could use a bunch of cybernetics in the game to tackle different combat situations and go through them as they saw fit.

4/10 dragon age

Brother Complex Sisters - Bethany Dragon Age 2

dragon age is another great fantasy series on this list made by BioWare. Each game in the series is pretty incredible and worth playing through, even if some might consider the other game to be weaker than the sum of its parts.

However, this misstep was a small one that was corrected by Dragon Age: Inquisition. The news of a new dragon age is bound to excite gamers, especially with this franchise being quite consistent and releasing quality titles across the board.

3/10 Diablo

Moo Moo Farms Diablo 2

Diablo is one of the most popular hack and slash games ever made. Going through many dungeons and cutting down enemies with impunity makes for quite an engaging experience that fans will have a great time with.

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The third game in the series was released to a ton of criticism, but post-launch updates have stabilized and improved the experience considerably. That’s great Diablo is a hit series, and fans can only hope Blizzard doesn’t screw it up with the fourth entry.

2/10 Assassin’s Creed (soft reboot)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey statue in the river

After disappointing sales figures, Assassin’s Creed took a one-year hiatus to reinvigorate the franchise. The games achieved this by integrating a bunch of RPG elements and making the open world more interesting than ever before.

From exploring the birth of Assassin’s Creed series to add a ton of supernatural elements—the franchise has seen a pretty significant and successful shift in tone. The games may have settled into a rhythm of their own, but most players would love to go through the new one Assassin’s Creed game.

1/10 The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is one of the most beautiful tactical RPGs that players can check out. It also contains certain critical choices that shape the story in its own way, making for a unique experience that more people need to check out.

The Banner Saga may be a harder game to get into than most other titles on this list, but players interested in the art style and story of this title should definitely try to step out of their comfort zone. The experience is a magical experience that fans of Western RPGs should not miss.

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