Web3Port Bootcamp Finalists Revealed

Web3Port Bootcamp Finalists Revealed

New York, NY, Jan. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration is a program where all partners can interact with selected startups and help them be better together. The goal is to help startups have a product with more users, and to have more opportunities to raise money.

Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration will be held four times a year, including around 20 projects each batch. All projects will come together for 8-12 weeks to dive into the content, courses or lectures on tokenomics, Web3.0 product design, fundraising and community building.

Web3Port has launched the first session of Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration β€” Winter 2022 on November 28, 2022.

Co-hosts: Republic, BNB Chain, HashKey Capital, Spark Digital Capital, GeekCartel

A total of 100+ applicants have submitted their information and Web3Port has selected 25 startups to join the bootcamp alongside our co-hosts.

The list of finalists:


AlterVerse is an immersive metaverse gaming experience with interconnected worlds, communities and games. AlterVerse offers a well-rounded and immersive metaverse/gaming experience, built on the best game engine on the market with Unreal 5.1, and developed by veterans of the gaming industry.

Aspect ID

Aspecta ID is an AI-generated identity system, including personal websites, soul-bound tokens and digital twins in the metaverse, for ground-breaking builders, innovators and more. The mission of the Aspecta ecosystem is to provide secure, user-controllable and intelligent protocols for users and third-party applications to store, transfer and use data across Web2 and Web3 domains.

Autonomy network

The Autonomy Network is web3’s decentralized automation protocol. There is B2B infrastructure for dapps to add features – DEXs can add limits/stops, DAOs can do recurring salary payments, and games can add NPCs.

Bit crunch

bitsCrunch is in NFT Forensics and Analytics. They help secure the NFT ecosystem. bitsCrunch aims to be the North Star of NFTs by providing best-in-class insights, analytics and research across multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche right now.

Bluesea Network

The Bluesea Network is a decentralized network with routing designed for ultra-low latency streaming, reducing costs (billions of dollars) by connecting redundant resources from home and business servers. Bluesea’s solution will be used to provide real-time communication and live streaming.

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Binaryx is developing a real estate tokenization protocol to open up the retail RE investment market and unlock liquidity. It plans to create a new way of ownership of assets and build a reliable decentralized market for tokenized assets, we want to tokenize any other asset, but start with the property. It combines crowdfunding in real estate, DeFi and the secondary market.


Climecheck is an ecosystem with a real-time Big Data platform of climate monitoring devices worldwide that brings live atmospheric ambient air quality data to everyone. All data is shared under a Creative Commons (CC) license where users, researchers, developers and enthusiasts can access this data as part of a network community. Data on Climecheck’s platform meets FAIR’s guiding principles for scientific data handling and management, making the data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Cap shorts

Capshort is a digital app where people from all over the world come together to enjoy topics or content that interest them. Then they can join in to create, earn and have fun. In the ecosystem, users will be able to participate in activities in the ecosystem such as learning, reading news, playing mini-games or other activities to earn rewards.


Dsign is a decentralized contract signature platform. It can make the contract permanently stored on arweave and make your contract have a stronger legal effect through biometrics and blockchain technology. Bring true privacy to your contracts with the Dsign protocol, the document is handed over to the network protocol for safekeeping.


Fiat24 is the first and only bank fully built on blockchain and fully regulated by the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Fiat24 uses an NFT to represent the client ID and uses internal “stablecoin” to represent the client’s assets.


Fusionist is a blockchain game with actually captivating gameplay. Made by industry veterans.


GamePhylum encourages players to write strategy and like strategy, provides users with visualized and valuable game on-chain data, helps game companies in all stages of marketing and promotion, opens up the ecology built with game tool developers. GamePhylum charges users subscription fees for advanced features and allocation based on token consumption, and charges game companies advertising fees, data development fees, and integration fees for on-chain users.

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Fully compliant reusable KYC, KYB worldwide with transformation to digital identity that allows the holder to use the internet as if logged in (W3C accredited, open standard).

INK Finance

Ink Finance is a DAO governance toolkit, which enables all types of ecosystems to establish governance finances, manage internal finances and connect with DeFi investors everywhere, through a no-code user experience. As a Financial SaaS built on blockchain, Ink Finance has the most comprehensive financial engineering tools to support the issuance, settlement, clearing and analysis of non-fungible financial products on the chain.

Magic Square

Magic Square is an online app store that simplifies Crypto. Users can discover dApps, CeFi and DeFi, NFTs, games and much more in one place with an intuitive design. This is a Web3 solution where the community vets, ranks and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earnings values ​​to incentivize the participation of validators, creators and users.

Nama Finance

Nama Finance is a cross-chain enabled lending protocol that allows borrowers to use non-fungible assets as collateral to obtain loans across blockchains, while lenders can earn attractive interest rates and rewards when providing loans.

Particle network

Particle Network is a multi-Party Computation (MPC) powered authentication and Wallet-as-a-Service middleware. It lowers non-crypto users’ barriers to the Web3 world by allowing them to log in with Web2 methods, including mobile numbers, email, Facebook and Google accounts and automatically generates a non-custodial wallet for them.

Perform Finance

Prestare Finance is a lending protocol that offers a lower collateral ratio and can even support undersecured loans with almost any asset, without using off-chain information. At Prestare, an undersecured loan is obtained by allowing the borrower to use part of the previously accumulated interest as security to borrow more funds next time.


Relayz is a hyper-secure, privacy-preserving, censorship-resistant and decentralized communication protocol for the Web3. Relayz uses cutting-edge technologies such as WebRTC (Multipoint Web-based peer-to-peer real-time communication system), end-to-end encryption, DID (decentralized and verifiable identity), multi-chain protocol layer for better scalability.

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Saw network

SAO Network is a secure and decentralized storage infrastructure powered by Hedra Labs. It provides a decentralized storage protocol to increase the use of Web3 content storage and simplify the ecosystem applications. It provides a decentralized storage solution that allows the storage of Web3 data in a distributed and decentralized manner, rather than relying on a central authority or server.


TProtocol is the next generation infrastructure for DeFi mining. It offers the first permissionless US financial token on the blockchain with full DeFi composition.


Volare offers a transparent, trustless and practical decentralized mechanism that runs without intermediaries on options trading. It eliminates the credit risk issues associated with options trading in the OTC market in the traditional financial world.


Web3Go is a one-stop data solution hub that aims to provide a deep insight into the blockchain network with community-driven patterns. Our vision is to build a Polkadot-based data analysis infrastructure, toolset and incentive system where anyone can publish and be rewarded for related data tasks.


W3W is designed for AI-powered community management, growth campaign automation, and holder rewards in the real-life and metaverse.


XBlast is a game to earn pool game with a unique dual-gameplay model that combines both traditional gameplay and blockchain game mode. XBlast solves the current problem in the GameFi industry by offering a PVP casual game that is easy and fun to play with a well-balanced economy.

About Web3Port

Web3Port is a BUIDL tool for Web 3 professionals. Our mission is to promote the growth of the Web3 community by breaking down the barriers between founders, investors and contributors, and forming a fair and open Web3 builder network.

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