Was the Twitch clone hacked or removed?

Was the Twitch clone hacked or removed?

Controversial Progambling Twitch Clone, Kick.com, Shows 404 Errors When Accessing Streamer Sites; Has the site been hacked or removed?

When displayed, every account and profile on Kick.com returns a 404 error saying the page cannot be found. This has led to speculation that Amazon has finally taken legal action against the progambling Twitch clone owned by Stake.com for allegedly using stolen source code.

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Kick.com is a new streaming platform that has appealed to many disgruntled Twitch streamers due to its lax censorship and gambling policies. However, several prominent Twitch streamers have claimed that the progambling live streaming platform is nothing more than a Twitch clone that allegedly uses stolen and leaked source code from Twitch.

An unknown 4chan user in October 2021 claimed to have stolen 125 GB of data from 6,000 internal Twitch Git repositories. On an online picture board, someone joked, “Jeff Bezos spent $970 million on this, we’re giving it away for FREE.” This was in reference to Amazon’s purchase of Twitch.

Kick.com 404 Errors on Streams and Profiles.

The Twitch breach affected a wide range of services, including but not limited to public goods, proprietary research and development initiatives, subsidiaries, internal systems and employee storage. In addition, databases containing private data, such as streamers’ earnings, were taken.

We spent some time searching through 6,000 Git repositories for secrets and sensitive data, and while most of the attention has been on the exposed streamers’ earnings, our results point to a much more significant problem that extends far beyond just this one breach.

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Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker noted that the color scheme of certain parts of Kick.com’s user interface, including reminders and notifications, was still based on Twitch’s. A screenshot from IMGUR showed that Kick.com’s embedded video player still displayed the Twitch logo.

If the IMGUR screenshot is authentic, then it’s proof that Kick.com used the stolen Twitch source code to create their streaming platform, which would mean the company is in a lot of legal trouble. That might explain why all user profiles have been completely scrubbed from the site.

What actually happened?

Oddly enough, the error pages are only visible to logged out users. If you create an account and log in, you will be greeted with a “BeGambleAware.org” warning popup that reads: “This is a gambling-related stream and is intended for an adult audience. By viewing, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age. “

    BeGambleAware.org message.
BeGambleAware.org warning message.

All streams are available to logged in users, which means this is probably just a technical issue that hasn’t been fixed yet. Considering that it is Christmas, this will probably not be resolved this weekend.

Although Kick.com has been the subject of a number of controversies ever since it was launched to the public, the site continues to see exponential growth on a daily basis due to its lenient content policy and alluring 90/10 ad revenue split. .

Streaming “adult only” games that include sexual activity and nudity is something that Twitch does not allow on their platform, regardless of whether you have set your stream to be restricted to viewers over 18 or not. Kick.com, on the other hand, allows for the broadcasting of such games.

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