Warzone streamer Nadia responds to viral Modern Warfare 2 LAN cheating allegations

Warzone streamer Nadia responds to viral Modern Warfare 2 LAN cheating allegations

Published: 2022-09-19T23:11:23

Updated: 2022-09-30T09:15:40

After being targeted with allegations of cheating after she appeared at the unveiling of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, Nadia has shared her side of the story.

Call of Duty Next took place on September 15th and all manner of personalities from across the franchise were invited to go hands-on with the next era of both traditional multiplayer and battle royale experiences.

Along with names like TimTheTatman, Ninja and NICKMERCS, Nadia was one of many content creators who got to join in on the fun. While she had previously been linked to supposedly suspect clips before, the fires were reignited when various moments of her playing at the showcase started going viral.

Nadia refutes Call of Duty Next cheating allegations

Nadia started her response by tackling the various moments that ‘hacker hunters’ around the web used to insinuate that she cheats at home. The first clip was of the scoreboard for her very first match of Modern Warfare 2, where she posted a 4 and 16 performance during a Team Deathmatch at Mercado Las Almas.

The streamer showed off full-length clips that add more context to the out-of-context versions from before and explained exactly what happened to give her an uncharacteristically bad performance.

As it turns out, the bug was mostly settings mishaps, including a field of view bug and broken audio.

“My sound wasn’t really working right, I was hearing everything out of one ear and a technician helped me mid-game,” she explained before playing the footage.

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She then breezed through the very next game, topping the Knockout leaderboards alongside former CDL pro Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov.

After that, the Battle Royale demon turned her eyes to another “scandalous” moment, this time during a game of Warzone 2. The clip shows her being approached by an Activision employee and being asked to leave the setup abruptly.

Just like before, Nadia gave more context to the moment and rolled an unedited version of the video where it’s clear she was asked to step away for a small interview that many other creators were also asked to participate in.

At the end of the rumor-clearing part of the video, she explained that her mindset going forward will be to laugh off future allegations and continue doing what she loves. “I know there’s been a lot of hate and people trying to spin things, but we just [got to] ignore them and move on.”

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