Warzone 2 hack allows players to knife you from across the map

Warzone 2 hack allows players to knife you from across the map

call of duty knives warzone 2

Double knife action (Image: Activision)

You never know what’s coming your way in Warzone 2, as hackers have knifed players from all over Al Mazrah.

It’s no secret that both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 have faced their own share of bugs and glitches since launch, although there haven’t been as many cheating reports as some expected.

Hack in Call Of Duty games had become such a big problem that Activision was forced to implement a series of ban waves, as part of the general anti-cheat campaign.

Not too long ago, over 500,000 accounts were flagged by the company’s Ricochet anti-cheat process and ended up getting banned for various reasons.

Despite Activision’s efforts, Warzone 2 doesn’t seem to be keeping hackers at bay, and there are increasing reports of various cheats, some of which are positively bizarre.

One player shared a clip where he captured the moment his character began to be punched out of thin air, as no enemy was within his melee range.

What’s more surprising is that the player was inside a building in Sawah Village on the Al Mazrah map looting a duffle bag, so he didn’t exactly stand out in the open.

After he was eliminated, the camera moved to the killer, who was standing on the roof of another building, apparently miles away from the victim.

Others were quick to point out that this isn’t the first time this hack has appeared in Call Of Duty, as console players had also found a way to stab people from a distance in the original Modern Warfare 2.

Another player recognized the hack as ‘the classic OPK mod’ which stands for ‘one position kill’.

In their words, it clones your hitbox and places it right in front of the modder so they can do whatever they want with your operator.

The same player claimed that they haven’t seen this in a video game since Combat Arms was all the rage back in the 2010s.

Weird stabbing hasn’t been the only problem that Warzone 2 has at the moment. Developers were also forced to remove Building 21 from DMZ mode, although the exact reason remains unclear.

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