Warning about “dangerous” dust hack that could be a fire hazard – “useless” hack

Warning about “dangerous” dust hack that could be a fire hazard – “useless” hack

Although dust doesn’t seem like a big problem, it can cause negative health effects and make allergies worse. This means it’s important to clean surfaces regularly to ensure it doesn’t build up. To help with cleaning, many are using social media hacks to prevent dust from forming in their homes. One such hack involves making a mixture of fabric softener and water to quickly pick up dust and prevent it from settling.

However, organization expert Scott Jones of Pink Storage is warning Britons against this viral trend, claiming it is a “huge fire hazard”.

The pro said: “Although the videos show dust-free surfaces, what they don’t show is that the dust will have collected elsewhere in the home, such as on carpets and furniture.

“This renders the hack useless as you’ve moved the dust instead of getting rid of it, but that’s not the biggest problem with this hack.

“Top balm is highly flammable and dousing your home in this liquid is very dangerous. If a fire were to break out in your home, this hack would cause the fire to spread much faster, putting the lives of everyone in the home at risk.”

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“If you want to get rid of the dust in your home, there are safer options. Even if it’s not groundbreaking or cool enough to go viral, the best way to get rid of dust in your home is to vacuum it at least twice a week.”

Dust in the home keeps coming back regardless of what the online hacks say because it is made up of different particles inside the home that settle on any surface they can.

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It is impossible to remove dust completely, but using a good quality vacuum cleaner with an air filter can help remove as much dust as possible.

The pro noted: “When vacuuming your home, concentrate on the areas with the most foot traffic. Vacuuming can be a tedious activity, but if you can do it at least twice a week, you will see a significant reduction in the dust in your home.”

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Many people remove dust in their homes by using vacuum cleaners, thinking that this is the best way to collect it. However, the expert said this is not always the case.

Dusters and feather dusters can spread the dust around instead of picking it up. To remove as much dust as possible, it is best to replace vacuum cleaners with a microfiber cloth.

Scott said: “Microfibre cloths are cheap and can be used wet or dry to remove the dust without having to worry about spreading flammable liquids all over the home and furniture.

“If you still have problems with dust after vacuuming twice a week and wiping down your furniture with a microfiber cloth, you may have a root problem.

“Tidy can create an environment where dust can multiply, dusting around the mess is often not enough to fix the problem. If you have clutter in your home, get rid of it as it will speed up your cleaning sessions too.”

Microfiber cloths can be used with a disinfectant in areas that need thorough cleaning because they are unable to destroy bacteria and viruses. Microfiber cloths can be found in most local supermarkets or purchased online.

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Air purifiers can also help to remove dust and allergens in the air. Although not cheap, they are great devices that work by circulating air around the room.

As the purifier draws air into it, it also draws in small particles floating in the air like dust to make the air cleaner.

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