Warburton’s crumpets vs Waitrose: We put them against each other in a taste test

Warburton’s crumpets vs Waitrose: We put them against each other in a taste test

Crumpets are the perfect breakfast food, especially when toasted just right and slathered with butter.

For many, Warburtons is the go-to brand for a crumpet craving, but there are plenty of supermarket own brands out there to choose from.

When Waitrose announced it was removing all Warburtons products from its shelves, claiming the “performance” of its baked goods “did not live up to expectations”, shoppers were not happy.

The supermarket’s decision followed reports that crumpet sales at Waitrose have fallen by 15 per cent over the past year, amid sales increases of 10 per cent in the wider crumpet market.

In response to Waitrose’s decision, Warburtons hit back, claiming that “quality is essential” to the brand.

They added: “We know that consumers recognize the quality and value of our products, which is why we are the UK’s number one bakery brand.”

The company’s crumpets, hailed as Britain’s number one, have always felt like the standard to meet, and few have succeeded.

After Waitrose gave Warburtons a hard whack, The Mirror’s Julia Banim decided to compare the two brands to see who came out on top.

Here’s how she managed:

Julia wrote: “I’ve never tried anything from Waitrose’s baked goods range so was curious to see how the crumpets measured up to Warburton’s classic offering.”

Warburtons Crumpets – pack of six for 85p at Sainsbury’s

“As always with Warburtons, the crust on the crumpet crisped well, giving a satisfying, distinctive crunch.

“The offal was happily airy, with a spongier texture that didn’t feel too doughy or overly yeasty.

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“Best of all, the soft, porous craters pooled with butter, which trickled right through to the solid base. Heaven.

“Warburton’s crumpets don’t have a particularly strong flavor but I personally wouldn’t add anything.

“The light bready notes are incredibly comforting and provide a solid base for pretty much any spread under the sun.

“A strong 10/10 from me.”

Waitrose Sourdough Crumpets – pack of six for £1.55 at Waitrose

“These crumpets have received rave reviews on the Waitrose website, with customers praising their freshness and firmness. I was excited to try one for myself.

“After toasting a crumpet for the recommended two minutes, plus a little extra, I was struck by the fact that although the crumpet was delicious and warm, it didn’t have that signature crunch on top that for me really makes or breaks the crumpet eating experience .

“Like a sourdough jar, the inside was also much denser than Warburton’s offering.

“This feature, along with the smaller craters, meant that the melted butter was not spread around the honeycomb structure as evenly.

“For the most part, the butter remained glistening on top.

“Overall, I was struck by the interesting and quite pleasant sourdough flavor which I feel would have matched wonderfully with a tangy raspberry jam.


“Overall, I have to say that Warburton’s crumpet was hands down the champion here, with every aspect tailored for a soul-lifting crumpet experience.

“From the fresh taste to the incomparable mix of textures, Warburtons truly are the king of crumpets and I will be horrified if there ever comes a day when I can’t pick up a packet at my local supermarket.

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“The Waitrose crumpet was certainly tasty and I would try it again, but it just didn’t have the kind of comforting mouthfeel I’ve come to expect from a crumpet.

“It also had a slightly powdery baking soda aftertaste that wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.”

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