VitaDB Downloader updates add libshacccg.suprx autoinstall and PSP Homebrew support

VitaDB Downloader updates add libshacccg.suprx autoinstall and PSP Homebrew support

Vita developer Rinnegatamante has pushed a significant update to the latest Nightly build of VitaDB Downloader, an “app store” for your homebrew-enabled PS Vita. This update adds automatic installation of libshacccg.suprx, a file required for many homebrew games and ports. Installing this file was a somewhat painful manual process until now.

Recent updates to VitaDB Downloader also added support for PSP Homebrew games. With the amount of features and quality of life improvements, this is shaping up to be the best app store for PS Vita.

What is VitaDB Downloader

VitaDB is the most used Vita app repository for owners of homebrew-enabled PS Vita consoles. The database hosts thousands of tools and games, with a website where people can manually download the homebrew themselves for manual installation on their console. It also provides an API, which allows developers to access the database programmatically. This means in particular that there are several Vita app “homebrew stores” that allow you to install games directly from your Vita, leveraging this repository.

There are several “homebrew installers” that take advantage of VitaDB, such as Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB), Easy VPK, Better homebrew Browser and more. Which one you want to use depends on your personal preference, but Rinnegatamante (who developed and maintains VitaDB) has expressed frustration that they all seem to have problems.

It is in this context that he decided to release VitaDB Downloader, which can be considered the “official” VitaDB client.

VitaDB download features

  • Searching for author/homebrewer name.
  • Filtering apps by category.
  • Display of all available app screenshots.
  • Sorting apps according to different criteria (newest, oldest, most downloaded, least downloaded, alphabetically)
  • Shows more metadata for apps.
  • Download and installation of vpk+data files or vpk only at the discretion of the user. (You no longer need to re-download data files every time you want to update a homebrew for which data files are unchanged)
  • Minimalistic GUI based on beloved ImGui with a focus on robustness rather than fancy.
  • Fast boot time (Only the very first boot will take a bit more due to downloading app icons. Subsequent boots will basically be instantaneous)
  • Low storage usage (Screenshots are displayed on demand, the only data stored on storage is app icons with a complicated storage usage of less than 10 MB).
  • Tracking of installed apps, even when not installed through VitaDB Downloader, and their state (outdated/updated).
  • Background Music (You can customize it by modifying ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.ogg with your own preferred track).
  • Background image/video (You can customize it by changing ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.mp4 or ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.png).
  • Support for themes (Customization of GUI elements via ux0:data/VitaDB/themes.ini) with built-in downloader and manager.
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In our experience, VitaDB Downloader has proven to be extremely reliable, packed with useful features and lightning fast.


  • Left analog or up/down arrow = Move selection
  • Circle = Cancel selection
  • Left arrow (When selection cancelled) = Return to search text box (top of list)
  • Start = Show/hide screenshots for selected homebrew
  • L/R = Change sorting of homebrew
  • X = Install homebrew

VitaDB Downloader Nightly build – what’s new

There have been 2 new releases since we last talked about VitaDB Downloader (which was version 1.4) not counting the Nightly build we’re talking about today, so we’re putting the changelogs for all those updates below.

VitaDB Downloader 2022-10-19 Nightly build

  • Automatic installation of libshacccg.suprx

You can see it in action in the video below:

VitaDB Downloader 1.6

  • Fixed a bug that caused the VitaDB Downloader to always be reported as outdated.
  • Added text shadow support for themes (TextShadow).
  • Improved icon loading time. Browsing through apps will now be significantly faster.
  • Fixed a bug that caused potential file system issues due to how icons were stored internally on storage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused app startup to take longer the more apps were downloaded from the app itself.
  • Added support for downloading and installing PSP homebrews (L will now browse Vita Homebrews, PSP Homebrews, Themes).
  • Moved the version value to the top left of the screen.
  • Added information about the current mode (Vita Homebrews, PSP Homebrews, Themes) to the top right of the screen.
  • Improved version checking for installed homebrews made in Unity, Game Maker Studio, Godot or Lua. Now they will be correctly detected as outdated if they are.
  • Made Vita homebrews icons render as rounded.
  • Made so that if the connection is lost during a download, the download will resume at the point where it stopped instead of failing the download.
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VitaDB Downloader 1.5

  • Fixed a bug that caused potential crashes if you had a few specific apps installed with a very large eboot.bin file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused more than one popup to not always appear under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first icon of an app to be displayed after a sort mode change, a search, or a filter change failed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cached hashes to be incorrectly generated when installing an app (resulting in slower startup times).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the changelog parser from properly escaping ” char.
  • Made the cleanup check for remaining unfinished app installs more robust.
  • Added app name and version to changelog view title bar.
  • Correctly aligned Filter text to search text.
  • Added some padding between filter and sort mode.
  • Added option to customize font.
  • Added ability to customize any remaining non-customizable elements of the GUI.
  • Moved missing icons download from whenever you hit an app that is missing the boot time icon (for all of them).
  • Made so that sorting mode can only be cycled with R.
  • Added theme download and admin with single theme and theme shuffling support (accessible with L).
  • Moved from SoLoud to SDL2 Mixer as audio backend. (Measured faster startup time for background audio playback).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening the changelog viewer under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the VitaDB Downloader to always be reported as outdated.

Download VitaDB Downloader

Auto Installer for libshacccg.suprx can also be downloaded separately here (nickname ShaRKBR33D), if you need that file but don’t want to use VitaDB Downloader. Although to be honest, at this point given the benefits you get with VitaDB Downloader, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to install it 🙂

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Install like any other VPK (reminder, you need a hacked PS Vita!). Once installed, you should be able to install any other homebrew (that is, those present on VitaDB) from the VitaDB Downloader interface!

source: Rinnegatamante

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