Villains who weren’t always evil

Villains who weren’t always evil

Fan-favorite heroes and villains are portrayed in My Hero Academia series, which centers on a conflict between good and evil in a world where 80% of the population possesses superhuman abilities. Heroes and villains are always fighting for power, and they use their special abilities, or “tricks”, to get ahead.

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Fans of My Hero Academia have developed a strong interest in the show’s villains in particular. The villains are vividly depicted, each with their unique mix of motivations, goals and tragic histories. Not all villains have always been nasty, and everyone has their own story to tell. Some people want to destroy the world for no good reason, but others become villains as a result of their struggle.


9/9 Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia Himiko's Quirk Explained Himiko Toga League of Villains

Toga is feared by everyone because she is an original member of the League of Villains and a lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Toga’s ability to take on someone else’s appearance gives her an advantage in stealth, assassination, and melee combat, but she did not always possess these skills.

Himiko Toga used to be a charming boy, but after developing her quirk, she became hypersensitive to blood and wanted to taste and drink it. Toga’s parents abandoned her after discovering she had a quirk, thinking of her as a devilish child who had been cursed. She became a villain because of their treatment of her, their resentment of her, and her love of blood.

8/9 Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress My Hero Academia

Mr. Compress is a villain with the ability to compress everything into a blue spherical ball without harming the object or person. Serving as a Paranormal Liberation Front lieutenant, he is known for both heroes and villains. With a sharp intellect, Mr. Compress serves as the brains behind Shigaraki’s villainous gang.

Although he was a well-known villain, Mr. Compress had a life before the villain as an entertainer. Even in his crime he likes to put on a show, command the spotlight and generally make a spectacle of himself. Once an entertainer, Mr. Compress turned villain, committing several crimes such as theft and robbery before joining Shigaraki’s crew.

7/9 Twice

My Hero Academia Twice Without His Mask bleeds and smiles

A villain like Twice can stand up to an entire army by himself. With his quirk, he can create perfect copies of himself and other individuals, complete with their abilities and individual characteristics. The durability of double players’ creations suffers in exchange for their ability to create duplicates. Although he was basically a good person, his power was so great that the number two hero, Hawks, felt compelled to eliminate him.

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Even as a villain, Twice had a surprisingly generous nature. His only goal in life was to be accepted and trusted. Had a permanent job twice before he became a villain. However, as a result of a series of misfortunes, he was eventually forced to resort to villainy to support himself after being rejected by society.

6/9 Hero Killer Stain

My Hero Academia Hero Killer Stain ready to attack

Chizome Akaguro (Stain) is a villain and former vigilante who has killed a number of professional heroes and earned the nickname “Hero Killer.” Stain was moved by All Might’s power and heroic deeds. He attended a private hero school in an attempt to emulate his chosen hero, only to learn that most heroes become heroes for fame and fortune rather than saving lives. Akaguro, filled with disgust and rage, adopted the vigilante Stendhal character and began killing villains and false heroes before finally adopting the Stain persona.

With firm beliefs and ideals, Stain took it upon himself to rid himself of false heroes, stating that the only true hero was All Might, and All Might alone was worthy of killing him. His beliefs and ideologies created a series of villains who believed that false heroes were corrupting society.

5/9 Spinning

Spinning My Hero Academia

Shuichi Iguchi, better known by his criminal alias Spinner, faced widespread prejudice due to his lizardman appearance. Due to the widespread prejudice he encountered in his everyday life, Shuichi chose to isolate himself and live as a hermit, resigning himself to the fact that he would be treated differently throughout his life. After the appearance of the Hero Killer Stain, things began to change. Because he shared Stain’s beliefs, Shuichi decided to lead the charge against the false heroes who were corrupting society.

To achieve his goals, Iguchi took on the name Spinner and dressed as Stain. In addition, he joined Tomura Shigaraki’s group because he believed that Tomura was the person who could bring about genuine social change.

4/9 Mild criminal

Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia

Unlike most villains, Danjuro Tobita, with the villain name “Gentle Criminal”, once wanted to be a pro hero during his childhood. Unfortunately, a series of setbacks prevented him from realizing his goals. Heroism backfires when Gentle gets in the way of a professional hero trying to save a window washer from falling from a skyscraper.

To pay for the injured cleaner and Tobita’s unlicensed use of the distinctive, Gentle’s parents were charged with obstruction of justice and went into debt as a result. Gentle’s failure to succeed academically led to his expulsion from home. He then resorted to villainy to achieve fame so that future generations would remember his name.

3/9 Dabi

Dabi in My Hero Academia

As the first son of the flame hero Endeavour, Dabi has quite an intriguing background. Real name Toya Todoroki, Dabi wanted nothing more than to become a pro hero like his father. Toya had more firepower than Endeavor himself, but Endeavor ignored him because he had a weak constitution, and Endeavor wanted a successor who could help him conquer All Might.

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After the birth of Shoto, it became clear that Toya had been neglected by Endeavour. This is why Toya had such a deep-seated hatred for Endeavor; he enjoyed nothing but reveling in the pain. Toya’s motivation for becoming a villain was simple: He wanted revenge on Endeavour.

2/9 La Brava

La Brava in My Hero Academia

Manami Aiba, better known as La Brava, was once a junior high school student. After her love proposal was rejected by her secret admirer, she stopped believing in herself. La Brava saw one of Gentle’s movies online, fell in love at first sight, and then hacked into his place to find him. After meeting Gentle, La Brava was eager to help in any way she could. Her only motivation from that point on was to help make Gentle’s goal a reality, and she became his trusted helper.

La Brava’s quirkiness is love. It’s a sustaining power that grants anyone she’s invested in specifically with a temporary boost in strength and speed. Due to La Brava’s undying devotion to Gentle, the two can rely on this ability in times of need.

1/9 Tomura Shigaraki

What a Face - Shigaraki Tomura My Hero Academia

As the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia series, Tomura Shigaraki is extremely feared, and rightfully so. With the power to level a city and its inhabitants with the snap of a finger, Tomura is one of the most powerful characters in the series. As a villain, Tomura is driven by an insatiable urge to destroy everything. But his situation was not always like this.

Tomura’s father strongly disapproved of his son’s desire to become a pro hero when he was young. He was of the opinion that heroes were only people who sacrificed their loved ones for strangers. Tomura’s path to villainy began when he murdered his family when he discovered distinctiveness and fell into the hands of All For One.

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