Video in anonymous style streamed on Sliker Twitch Channel

Video in anonymous style streamed on Sliker Twitch Channel

Sliker is apparently returning to Twitch after his brief hiatus, as he streams a cryptic Anonymous-themed video on his main Twitch account.

Such, the controversial Jerk streamer, has apparently returned to the platform, a few months after his cheating controversy. After a short hiatus, Sliker started his last Twitch stream, but he apparently did not participate himself.

Back in September, Sliker was embroiled in a controversy, when he was accused of defrauding his supporters and other streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Several people claimed Sliker had sent them seemingly heartfelt videos asking for money due to his bank account being frozen. His story about a frozen bank account was later found to be false. Afterwards, Sliker released a public apology video in which he acknowledged his mistakes, reaffirmed to refund each victim and admitted to having a serious gambling problem. Since the allegations were made public, Sliker has not been active on Twitch. Until now, that is.


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Recently, the Twitch creator streamed a disturbing video that left fans confused. The broadcast featured an anonymous themed white mask with an eerie laugh heard in the background. Sliker stated in the live chat on Twitch that his channel had been hacked and that he was not streaming at the time. He also mentioned that his alternate account was banned and the “hacker” was streaming on his main channel with the intention of getting his channel reported for ban evasion.

The timing of the aforementioned events is odd, to say the least, as Sliker posted a tweet on January 26 (which is the same day the main channel’s creepy video went live) mentioning how he’s thankful for a second chance at life. Regardless of the controversies surrounding him, it remains to be seen if Sliker will really get a second chance at streaming, as most of his former fans are still upset about his actions.

It is interesting to note that after his alleged fraud was exposed, both Liker’s partnership status and subscribe button disappeared from his Twitch account. However, Twitch did not immediately ban him as he was still allowed to stream videos. Although, at the time of writing, Liker’s main Twitch account is banned for violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Before his latest ban, Sliker had more than 430,000 followers on Twitch.

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