Video game series that should have a Mario Crossover

Video game series that should have a Mario Crossover

Mario, one of the most famous icons in video game history, has had many crossovers with other video game characters over the decades. From battling other notable characters in Super Smash Bros., participating in the Olympics with Sonic to playing mini-games with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy characters, and even engaging in tactical battles with Rabbids.

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However, with just how many video game series there are and how versatile Mario and his friends are thanks to numerous spin-offs, a lot of intellectual properties have yet to see a Mario crossover title, but they still should one day.


8/8 Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts has not seen a new entry since Scribblenauts Showdown in 2018. It is more multiplayer focused, but still has a single player mode similar to previous entries. Paper Mario’s last entry was 2020’s Paper Mario: The Origami King. A crossover between the two series can give both a rejuvenating breath of fresh air.

This crossover can easily combine art styles and mechanics to create an art-centric turn-based RPG adventure similar to the original Paper Mario and Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door, giving fans the kind of experience they’ve wanted to return to for so long.

7/8 The Legend of Zelda

There have been The Legend of Zelda crossovers with Mario as well as Super Smash Bros, but only cameo appearances. A crossover could see Mario and Link explore dungeons based on both series and trade power-ups and other items. A giant Link trying to explore a regular-sized dungeon and destroying the walls, either by accident or on purpose, would be fun.

Suppose this hypothetical crossover used a similar art style to that seen in the Link’s Awakening remake. If so, the Mario character designs from Super Mario RPG could be delivered with a long-needed update, even if the game itself is never remade.

6/8 Splatoon

Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon are somewhat similar in that they both involve ink in some way. However, they are opposites in that Super Mario Sunshine has Mario clean up ink while Splatoon has Inklings and Octolings intentionally spreading ink. Splatoon 3 even references a boss fight from Super Mario Sunshine with one of its own.

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For a crossover, which would likely end up as a single-player campaign, it could see the FLUDD-equipped Mario being sent to the world of Splatoon with his conflicting goals, causing a misunderstanding between him and the citizens, only to team up against a common enemy later.

5/8 Kirby

It’s surprising that Kirby and Mario have never had a crossover outside of Super Smash Bros. and some cameos. Each series is a long-running Nintendo-exclusive family-friendly platformer, so you’d think it would have happened by now, or at least long before Mario crossed over with non-Nintendo characters like the Rabbids.

A crossover between the two Nintendo characters could be either a 2D or 3D platformer, but would likely feature minigames inspired by those in the Kirby series and Mario Party. An eating contest minigame between Yoshi, Bowser, Kirby and King DeDeDe would be a sight to behold.

4/8 Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot games have been on Nintendo systems before, and many suspected that the titular character would be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but it never was. While a crossover between Crash Bandicoot and Mario could be a 3D platformer, it could also be a kart racing game since Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing are so similar already.

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The hypothetical kart racing crossover could even introduce some unique mechanics not seen before in either series to put a new spin on the formula. Maybe it can even add more types of vehicles similar to Diddy Kong Racing.

3/8 Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors has seen plenty of crossovers over the past decade, including Nintendo games like Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors, so when will Mario and his friends get their chance to hack and slash their way through enemy-filled armies?

Mario has more than enough playable characters, and a hypothetical Mushroom Warriors game could introduce original characters like the first Hyrule Warriors did. The Super Mario Bros movie also features Bowser’s army going up against an army of penguins, so it could be the perfect time for Mario to get a Dynasty Warriors spin-off, although an army of toads can be hugely annoying.

2/8 Metroid

Like Zelda and Kirby, Metroid and Mario have crossed over before, but these were limited to items or characters outside of Super Smash Bros. Mario has explored space in the Super Mario Galaxy duology, but what if he took a wrong turn and then ended up in the Metroid universe? Mario can be overwhelmed by space pirates due to being unprepared, only to be saved by Samus Aran herself.

Samus could then teach Mario to be a proper bounty hunter, and he could get his own unique version of the Varia suit. This potential crossover could also help introduce a Samus Rabbid to the Mario+Rabbids series.

1/8 Zoo Tycoon

Many Mario enemies and creatures have not been in the spotlight for a long time and have been replaced with more traditional enemies and creatures or brand new ones. A Mario-themed Zoo Tycoon is one way to put these often overlooked characters back in the spotlight.

Dinosaurs not seen since Super Mario World, weird enemies from the Super Mario Land trilogy and more can populate the zoo. This hypothetical game can also be educational for those interested in video game history, detailing which games each creature and enemy comes from, similar to the trophies in Super Smash Bros. but more Mario-focused.

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