Video game heroes who love to fight

Video game heroes who love to fight

Almost all video games are about fighting in one way or another. In the 80s there were characters who Mario fight against an army of cute 2d characters like Koopas. Later, in the 90s, it was protagonists like Dr. Gordon Freeman who crushed demons and aliens under their feet. However, there have always been a few characters who have loved fighting more than most other video game heroes.

These furious protagonists include the Doom Slayer from the epic first-person shooter DownfallThe Dark Knight from Batman Arkham series, and the friendly neighborhood superhero from Marvel’s Spider-Man. Let’s dive deep into some more game characters who love to tear things apart.


10/10 Duke Nukem

The Duke Nukem franchise started way back in 1991 when the first game of the same name came out on MS-DOS. At the time, it was a two-dimensional action-platformer and was really just the bones of what the series would become over the next few years. The series started when the third main game dropped on different platforms.

IN Duke Nukem 3D, players first saw the iconic character Duke Nukem in all his glory. He was just as powerful as the Doom Slayer, yet far more quirky, with memorable catchphrases.

9/10 War (Darksiders)

War was first mentioned in the original Darksiders game in 2010. This THQ classic is a hack-and-slash title that takes its inspiration from biblical mythology, but changes parts of it to make it more fun. The game series contains stories from the perspective of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. These characters include Death, Pestilence (Strife), Famine (Fury), and War.

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As the name suggests, War’s character Darksiders is “The Conqueror” and he absolutely loves smashing his enemies into a pile of dust. War is the youngest of the four horsemen and is the greatest fighter of them all. Of course, Death, Fury, and Strife aren’t far behind when it comes to killing enemies.

8/10 Gene (Hand of God)

God’s hand is a PlayStation 2 classic that came out in 2006 and became quite popular among the gaming community of the time. This hidden Capcom gem is an action beat ’em up video game with a dramatic story and gameplay full of fun fighting moves. Players interact with many unique characters in this game, but none are as good as the protagonist.

Gene is the main character in God’s hand, who wields the legendary power in his right hand and aims to stop the return of ancient evil Angra. He is an incredible fighter who can perform all kinds of moves from kung fu, karate, taekwondo, drunk boxing, capoeira martial arts, wrestling and more.

7/10 Zagreus (Hades

Zagreus is the main character in Hadesa roguelike action role-playing game that came out in 2020. The indie title is the latest major game from the popular developer team at Supergiant Games, who also made titles like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Hades takes place in the underworld of classical Greek mythology, where the protagonist wants to escape to meet his mother in the mortal land.

Zagreus is best known for being the prince of the underworld and the son of Hades. He possesses merciless fury and abilities, as well as his father’s fighting spirit.

6/10 Issac (The Binding of Isaac)

The Binding of Isaac surprised everyone when it came out in 2011, becoming one of the year’s most interesting indie titles. It featured an interesting gameplay loop with a mix of action-adventure and roguelike elements. In addition, it offered tons of enemies, bosses, simplistic visuals, fun battles and hours of entertainment.

The Binding of Isaac has several characters, but the main character, Isaac, really shines. The little guy wants nothing more than to escape the hell he’s in, and doesn’t care about killing everything in his path.

Raiden debuted in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as the shocking protagonist of the game. However, things changed over the years as he went from being a sneaky spy guy to a walking killing machine. Under Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriotsplayers first saw the man with his incredible new look and lightning fast action.

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But, in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden transformed into his most iconic self and defeated every boss and enemy in the game. Gamers are still looking to play another game like this character.

4/10 Bayonetta

Bayonetta, also known as Cereza, is the protagonist of the popular hack-and-slash game series Bayonetta. The Umbra Witch is known for her iconic design, unique outfits, stunning looks and pure badass nature. However, the most iconic part of Cereza is her fighting skills and moves that have kept players hooked on the games for hours.

Bayonetta is also recognized for her over-the-top features and furious appeal, but gamers mostly love her for her never-give-up attitude. The Bayonetta game is among the best fighting games ever and the main character is one of the best fighters.

3/10 Dante (Devil May Cry)

The devil may cry the series has seen its ups and downs, but the main character has always been as powerful as ever. Dante appeared in 2001 as the main character in the first game and has since become the epitome of one of the best fighting heroes ever. He is ruthless and aggressive, but also calm and fair. It’s a strange combination, but it works in his case.

Dante is actually the son of the demon lord Sparda, and possesses the same abilities as his father. He is skilled at everything, be it hand-to-hand combat, sword action, shooting or kickboxing.

2/10 Kratos (God of War)

Almost everyone knows Kratos, as he is the iconic hero of the critically acclaimed hack-and-slash series god of war. The Ghost of Sparta first appeared in 2005 and quickly became one of the most famous protagonists in the game. Earlier in the journey, he fought Greek gods and tore them apart, limb by limb. Unable to fulfill his revenge, he tried to kill himself, but somehow lived.

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In the new god of war era, Kratos returned as a calmer version of himself and fought the Norse gods. However, he did not let his rage or fighting spirit change.

1/10 Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

Asura’s Wrath is a 2012 beat ’em up game that quickly faded into obscurity due to its late release on PS3 and Xbox consoles, with no future upgrades for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a Capcom title that mixes elements from Hindu and Buddhist mythologies to create a truly stunning visual spectacle. Moreover, it uses various game mechanics, including interactive drama, third-person action, and rail shooters.

Asura’s Wrath features Asura as the main character, who is one of the strongest gaming heroes ever. He is merciless like Goku, badass like Dante and immortal like Kratos. Oh, and he loves to fight.

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