Valorant 6.2, LOL 13.2 and other game updates delayed

Valorant 6.2, LOL 13.2 and other game updates delayed

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Riot Games has announced that their system has been hacked due to a “social engineering attack”, which has caused delays in the release of LOL 13.2 and Valorant 6.2 updates. It is unknown how long it will take them to resolve the issue, but Riot Games has promised that they will continue to work and make every effort to deliver the pending content ASAP.

Riot has already posted on twitter about this and has confirmed that no private data has been stolen and that further information will be released later. They went on to say that the attack unfortunately had a detrimental effect on their ability to deliver content and that several game updates (including Valorant and League of Legends) had been delayed.

Ahri ASU’s inclusion in the League of Legends 13.2 update may be delayed

Ahri ASU may be delayed until patch 13.3, which is slated for release on February 8, according to League of Legends’ official Twitter account. They also stated that the attack could compromise their release timeline for the LOL 13.2 update, which is expected to be released on January 25.

TFT and Valorant 6.2 updates may be delayed

The official Twitter account of Teamfight tactics stated, “13.2 was focused on additional balance updates for Monsters Attack! This issue may affect our ability to release the full range of planned balance changes, but we are working to implement the most meaningful of them possible through a hotfix to our planned update time.”

The most important balance adjustments will still be delivered in the form of hotfixes, according to Teamfight Tactics. Furthermore, they also released a separate note telling players that it is likely that the full scope of improvements will not be made in time.

The Valorant 6.2 update is likely to include a new map, significant bug fixes for specific agents, and much more. However, there is not a tweet about this on the official game’s twitter account. Let’s see when we get an update on this matter, and if we get any important information, we’ll keep you posted.

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