Valkie 64 review for PC

Valkie 64 review for PC

Platform: PC
Publisher: Painted Glade
Developer: Painted Glade
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: no
ESRB: Not ranked

I don’t want to reduce a game to a single screenshot, but pretty much everything you could want to know about Valkie 64 can be summed up by this:

Not only does the game owe a lot to the N64 era of gaming, it is especially indebted to N64 era Zelda. You obviously have a female protagonist instead of a male one, but beyond that everything here – from the blocky graphics to the sword-based combat to the fact that there are gems hidden in most of the items you mine – is straight out of the box. -90s.

I mean, you probably could have guessed the same thing from the game’s name, but the screenshot captures it even more perfectly.

Of course, the big difference between the two is that I don’t think people will remember Valkie 64 in 25 years with the same reverence they hold for Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. This is because Valkie 64 doesn’t have much of its own identity. It wears its influences proudly, as we’ve established, and it’s fun enough if you don’t expect anything more from it than simply being an homage to the N64 Zelda, but beyond that? It’s tolerable, but nothing more.

And frankly, even tolerating it would require concessions to quality. The combat is your basic hack-and-slash: you have a sword, and you can use it to parry attacks, but generally you’ll just run at every enemy you come across and hit it. To be fair, both the hacking and driving are better after a recent update, but they’re still nothing to write home about.

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The same applies to everything else here as well. The music is repetitive piano tinkling which again wouldn’t be out of place in an N64 game, but it also wouldn’t be remembered today. The world also looks exactly like you’d imagine an N64 game would look, but there’s nothing about it that makes it stand out.

Which is a perfect way to describe the Valkie 64. It’s nice to see someone capture the feel of a bygone generation as well as this game does, but without any identity of its own, it’s hard to see why you’d play this instead of going back and playing the originals.

Malte Glade provided us with a Valkie 64 PC code for review purposes.

Character: C+

Producer: STEAM
ESRB Rating:

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