Useful apps for Bristol students

Useful apps for Bristol students

Of Emily Barrett, SciTech Editor

Love it or hate it, our lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with technology, and as a new college student, chances are you already use apps on a daily basis. Here, Epigram SciTech collects the useful apps that can ease the transition to university life in Bristol.

Getting around:

So you’ve come to Bristol – but what about getting around once you’re here? For public transport, the First buses the app has an e-ticket feature, so tickets can be purchased in advance and then “activated” when you board the bus. Remember to buy a student ticket for a discount compared to an adult ticket, and that students who live in halls get a free bus pass for unlimited travel on the U1 service and certain sections on other routes.

Of course, buses aren’t the only way to get around. Over the past few years, clusters of electric scooters have sprouted up on seemingly every street corner in Bristol. If you’re tempted to take a trip, you can Wow the app allows users to find scooters nearby, and unlock one by scanning a QR code on the handlebars. If you choose this mode of transport, pay attention to road safety precautions such as wearing a helmet!

Voi scooters | Unsplash/Scott Evans


Technology can also be useful in organizing your studies in Bristol. Many of us can only dream of being the kind of person whose life is organized by a perfect color code Google calendar, but all students can benefit from using a calendar app at university. When you receive your Bristol timetable, you can import it into your calendar app and see at a glance where and when your classes are.

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If you’re dismayed at how your recommended textbooks seem to be £60 on eBay, look no further than Bristol University online library services. Although this is a website rather than an app, it provides access to many e-books that can be read on smartphones, tablets and other devices. For physical books, the service allows you to check which library owns a copy and whether it is available for loan.


Many businesses in Bristol use Too good to go, the app that aims to combat food waste by allowing restaurants and cafes to sell leftovers at the end of the day at a discounted price. While the food available can be a lucky dip, it’s hard to beat the feeling that you’ve saved your food from ending up in the bin – and saved your wallet from another Deliveroo order.

These are just a selection of the apps that may be useful for new Bristol students, and we hope they help you in some way!

Featured image: Unsplash/Gain Visuals

Which apps do you wish you had known about earlier as a student?

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