(Update) Killer Instinct ranked mode hacked, but Microsoft is on the case – Destructoid

(Update) Killer Instinct ranked mode hacked, but Microsoft is on the case – Destructoid


[Update: The Killer Instinct dev team has seemingly fixed both the game’s online ranked mode and its leaderboards problems. Normal C-C-C-C-C-Combo breakin’ service should now be resumed.]

Every game is a potential target for troublemakers, even Iron Galaxy’s excellent fighter from 2013 Killer Instinctwhich is currently mired in its own hack-based disaster, despite the relative silence of the fast-paced scrapper in the bigger picture of the fighting game community.

Killer Instinctits ranked mode has for some time now been the target of one person, who has turned the leaderboards into an absolute mess with a multitude of fake accounts, which they have used to “jam” the online rankings for the dedicated AI society. However, this irritant has gone one step further and causes the game’s synchronization system to crash when trying to load players into matchmaking. Essentially, ranked mode has become literally unplayable for the community.

Fortunately, dedicated gamer NickyFGC was able to raise awareness of the issue – via a video and social media campaign – and was able to bring the attention of Killer Instinctits publisher, Microsoft. A simple statement was then posted to the official AI Twitter, saying the team was now aware of the problem and had launched an investigation. It should be noted that this bug only affects the Xbox and Windows versions of the AI. The Steam edition, which has its own server, runs as it should.

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Looking Killer Instinct in the headlines again, even if it’s for negative reasons, just serves as a reminder of how excellent that reboot was. I myself arrogantly scoffed at the news of the series returning, only to find that not only did I really love the game, but I actually got better at it than I have with any other fighter. Today, AI still entertains a legion of dedicated gamers who can’t tear themselves away from its dazzling looks, stunning soundtrack, and fast-paced, compelling action.

Here’s to CCC-Combo Breakers everywhere.

Killer Instinct is now available on Xbox One and PC.

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