Unlock hidden features on your car

Unlock hidden features on your car

KAUNAS, Lithuania, 31 March 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Usually, a vehicle’s performance and functions can be controlled by accessing multiple sensors and data modules through a car software, but usually it’s very complicated and cumbersome. But thanks to innovative solutions, you can now change the way your car behaves with an easily accessible pocket-sized device called OBDeleven.

This cloud-based car diagnostic software allows users to scan, analyze, read and share fault codes, program and monitor all systems. It helps users avoid unexpected breakdowns and also allows them to find problems before they get to a workshop. Handling is relay easy – when connected to the OBD-II port, OBDeleven starts communicating with the car via a mobile application that turns your smartphone into an intelligent vehicle assistant.

Created for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars, it allows diagnosing all kinds of problems with a single click on a smartphone and even customizing them by unlocking hidden functions with ready-made code applications, called One-Click Apps. These applications can instantly activate various functions, such as adjusting a driving mode or changing the way the rear lights flash. Meanwhile, manual function activation not only requires knowledge of car coding, but can also take at least 30 minutes, because many values ​​in the control unit need to be changed.

One-Click Apps can adjust comfort features for the specific needs of a driver, such as opening all windows remotely, turning DRL on or off, or lowering the passenger mirror while reversing. Car enthusiasts can use these programs to unlock new features, such as updating the multimedia logo or adding more interior light colors. For drivers who do car maintenance on their own, such as changing oil, brake pads or fuel filters, One-Click apps are useful for resetting service intervals. When it comes to installing new vehicle parts, such as LED license plate lights, the applications allow easy adaptation to the car.

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OBDeleven is the first third-party tool that can modify the latest Volkswagen Group models that communicates directly with the manufacturer’s servers, because it met the safety requirements of the manufacturer.

With more than 2 million vehicles already connected to the application and constantly being updated with new features, OBDeleven has united a rapidly growing community of enthusiasts worldwide.

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Unlock hidden features on your car


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