Unlimint is expanding into the crypto space

Unlimint is expanding into the crypto space

London-based global fintech Unlimint has today announced the launch of GateFi, marking their expansion into the crypto space.

The solution allows users worldwide to seamlessly exchange fiat money to crypto and crypto to fiat money, while acting as a Web3 onboarding solution, opening the gates of Web 3 and DeFi to mainstream users everywhere. Unlimint is an award-winning global all-in-one fintech offering advanced payment capabilities through an evolving financial interface to startups and enterprises worldwide. They have over 400 employees in 16 offices and five continents, including Frankfurt, Singapore, São Paulo, Hong Kong and Mexico. GateFi will be officially launched during the Web Summit in Lisbon from 1 to 4 November 2022.

The new crypto solution allows customers to pay anywhere, anytime, through any channel – enabling total payment freedom. In addition to this, GateFi enables decentralized app (dapp) developers to connect traditional payment networks to public blockchain networks, offering a direct access point between the world of Web 2.0 and the world of Web 3.0. They can embed a widget on their website that allows users to ride on and off the ramp (exchange their fiat money for cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets (like NFTs), and vice versa). Dapp developers worldwide can take advantage of Unlimint’s GateFi across multiple verticals, such as financial apps, social apps, NFTs and games, and truly reach a global audience thanks to their vast portfolio of more than 1000+ directly integrated alternatives payment methods – coverage that is not offered by any other solution on the market to date.

The company’s cryptocurrency strategy and the launch of the new solution is led by crypto veteran Jack Jia, who recently joined Unlimint as Head of GateFi. Jia started working in the industry in 2013 and he is the driving force behind GateFi, from product development to market, with the goal of creating a powerful and meaningful solution that will prepare Unlimint’s customers for the future.

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The move comes as more businesses prepare to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The “Merchants getting ready for crypto” survey by Deloitte shows that 75 percent of merchants plan to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin by 2024. While the crypto market has taken a hit recently, 56 percent of consumers in the BitPay and PYMNTS Survey asked “Paying with cryptocurrency ” said they are at least somewhat interested in buying cryptocurrency in the next year, while 42 percent of millennials said they would be extremely likely to buy crypto in the next 12 months

With 13 years of experience as a traditional payment company, Unlimint has local acquisition licenses in regions around the world, providing access to thousands of alternative payment methods (APMs), making them operational and regulated globally. This enables the company to offer better, regulated solutions at a better price to customers all over the world.

Commenting on the launch, Jack Jia, Head of GateFi at Unlimint said:

“We are excited to announce GateFi at Web Summit. Payments infrastructure has always been a core component of the Money Lego set for dapp developers to onboard real users to the Web3 world. At Unlimint, we see this new solution as the future. We will build with the builders and unlock key innovations to reign in a new era of crypto adoption for Defi, NFT and Gamefi. GateFi is set to break down the walls currently in place, giving users complete payment freedom. By combining our experience as a traditional payment company, with long-standing trusted networks, with forward-looking ideas and current trends around crypto, we are confident that GateFi will deliver a unique experience within the decentralized and blockchain world, preparing our customers for tomorrow.”

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