Underrated PS3 games released in 2012

Underrated PS3 games released in 2012

The Playstation 3 ended its main run in 2013, going out on top with titles such as The last of us, Grand Theft Auto 5and BioShock Infinite. The system’s last full year as Sony’s flagship hardware also saw a couple of notable releases, primarily Mass Effect 3, Travel, Borderlands 2and Max Payne 3. Overall, 2012 wasn’t an extremely memorable year for PS3 exclusives, though Twisted Metal, The Tokyo Jungleand Yakuza: Dead Souls fondly remembered.

A decade later, only a select few 2012 PS3 game is still part of the cultural zeitgeist. The gaming industry moves quickly, condemning many great titles to hazy memories at best. What are some forgotten PS3 gems that turned 10 in 2022?


6/6 Binary domain

Promotional art featuring characters from Binary Domain

During the PS4 era, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios’ international profile exploded with the success of Yakuza 0. Today, Sega’s developer is almost exclusively associated with Like a dragon franchise, but the company’s first official release under the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio banner had nothing to do with that license.

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Binary domain is a sci-fi third-person shooter that focuses heavily on managing AI teammates. Set in a well-realized universe and with satisfying, if unspectacular gunplay, Binary domain is polished, ambitious and action-packed. While not completely unknown, Sega’s title struggled commercially in the US, although it eventually found an audience through PS Plus.

5/6 I am alive

Protagonist in I Am Alive talks to NPC

Rare as it is today, Ubisoft used to develop and publish new IPs quite regularly. These projects were not always great successes, but they helped to diversify the company’s portfolio. Received a mixed reception at the time of its release, I am alive has been all but forgotten for the past decade, doomed forever to serve as Ubisoft Connect filler.

Although rough around the edges, the post-apocalyptic survival game envisions a fascinating world defined by crumbling towers and spatters of human survivors. With a focus on verticality, I am alive structures its areas around climbing, an action made nail-bitingly tense through a stamina meter that can spell doom if not properly managed. In some ways, I am alive reminiscent of the original Assassin’s Creed, a middling project with good ideas that could make for a great sequel. Unfortunately, I am alive 2 never came to be.

4/6 Ridge Racer Unbounded

Ridge Racer Unbounded

The last numbered Ridge Racer came out in 2006 for the PlayStation 3, and Namco Bandai has given no indication that a future with Ridge Racer 8 is a possibility. What is sometimes overlooked is that the franchise continued for a couple of years after Ridge Racer 7concludes with home consoles with Unlimited.

Instead of an arcade racer, Unlimited is a vehicular combat game similar to something like that Burn out or Flat out. In fact, the spin-off was developed by Bugbear Entertainment, the company that handled the first three Flat out titles (and the only ones worth playing). That is not to say that the spin-off falls completely Ridge Racerits traditional drift-based gameplay, exactly that Unlimited emphasizes aggression and explosiveness more than previous performances. Fans of the franchise should give this one a try.

3/6 Shaft 2

Shank 2 game

The 2010s Shank is a gory side-scroller with an eye-catching visual style and decent but slightly clunky combat. Klei Entertainment created an unimportant but fun game, and the same can be said for the sequel. Despite being essentially an improved version of its predecessor, Shaft 2 didn’t garner too much attention upon release, and it would be an understatement to say that the game has grown into a cult following over the past decade.

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With that said, Shaft 2 seems tailor-made for that kind of reputation. Thanks to the cartoon aesthetic, the game’s graphics have aged beautifully. The fast-paced and bloody combat is responsive and deeper than it may appear on the surface. Shaft 2 must be on a service like PS Plus Premium so it can be discovered by a new generation.

2/6 Syndicates

syndicate ps3 games

A complete departure from the 1993s Syndicates, a real-time tactics game, the 2012 reboot is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic world where everyone has a chip in their head. As Miles Kilo, players work as a EuroCorp agent, one of several mega-corporations that rule this universe. Eventually, Miles learns that his employer may not be to be trusted.

Syndicates seems like one of those reboots that should be mocked for stripping the inspiration of everything that made it unique. In some ways, Starbreeze Studios’ title is guilty of doing just that, and the game wastes an exciting setting on a rather underwhelming narrative. Yet, when viewed in a vacuum, Syndicates is an above average shooter with a fantastic mechanic that revolves around hacking the enemy pieces. The 8-hour campaign is comparable to many other PS3 or Xbox 360 first-person shooters.

1/6 Quantum Conundrum

Quantum conundrum ps3

From one of the minds behind the 2007s Portal, Quantum Conundrum is another first-person puzzle game. When his scientist uncle blows an experiment and gets trapped in another dimension, a child protagonist must work his way through an unpredictable mansion en route to a series of generators. Fortunately, they have a special glove that allows them to manipulate four dimensions.

Quantum Conundrum guiding players through different rooms that act as self-contained puzzles, these brain teasers are generally imaginative and challenging. Visually, the 2012 game has a charming cartoonish aesthetic that still looks great in this day and age.

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