Twitch Streamer Jinnytty Falls Into a Pit Live on Stream

Twitch Streamer Jinnytty Falls Into a Pit Live on Stream

During a peaceful stream of a night walk, Twitch streamer Jinnytty encounters a scary experience when she falls into a deep pit.

During a live broadcast of a night walk, Jerk streamer known as Jinnytty experienced a scary moment after she unexpectedly fell into a pit while in the middle of a stream. This is just one of a number of alarming situations that some Twitch streamers have had to face while their fans watch.

With Twitch giving people the opportunity to build thriving online communities and make a living as content creators, some streamers are choosing to broadcast seemingly normal everyday events. Labeled as IRL streams, some viewers enjoy these broadcasts for their simplicity and calmness, but sometimes these IRL streams can take a sinister turn. Suddenly, a fairly uneventful stream can become alarming for viewers as they see their favorite streamers have to deal with unexpected situations in real time. From being aggressively harassed by strangers to attempted robberies, there have been a number of alarming cases when it comes to IRL streams.


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One of these recent incidents unfortunately happened to streamer Jinnytty after she shockingly fell into a pit while live streaming. While enjoying a night walk, everything seemed normal until Jinnytty drops her phone as the sound of her crying out in shock can be heard in the background. Although her surroundings seemed safe, sometimes streaming a night trip on Twitch can go wrong when you least expect it.

Jinnytty’s fall is followed by a few seconds of complete silence as the chat goes berserk wondering what happened as the phone’s camera streams the night sky as it lies on the ground. After a few anxious moments, Jinnytty comes back into the picture and picks up her phone to show viewers the deep hole she fell into. The hole would easily cause many others to fall into it due to the fact that the pit was incredibly hard to see on the pavement. Fortunately, unlike other unfortunate IRL streamers who weren’t as lucky, Jinnytty wasn’t hurt or damaged.

While these IRL streams can be relaxing and fun to watch for some, broadcasting can sometimes distract the streamers who also need to watch their surroundings for their own safety. It’s probably hard to pay attention to your surroundings while trying to film everything and interact with a busy chat. This incident could have ended a lot worse for Jinnytty, but thankfully she seems to be okay. There has been a lot of creepy footage during IRL streams, and it quickly turns a calm experience into a panicked one, causing some viewers to worry about the safety of these streamers.

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