Tradition vs innovation in the hospitality industry

Tradition vs innovation in the hospitality industry

Hospitality is one of the oldest industries traditions meet the latest technology. And it is not always a controversy, because traditions of hospitality are about making guests feel welcome and appreciated – something that is very achievable with the latest technology. What could make anyone feel more welcome than one personal approach? And we at Hoteza use technology to take personalization to a whole new level. With 500+ installations around the world, we were able to collect unique data on how guests interact with hotels. And we turned some potential ideas into a reality where hotels become smart devices and can interact with guests directly and where the hotel environment is aware of the guests’ preferences.

Eight years of product development supported by 18 years of experience with hotel integrations leaves no chance for innovation to stop. Our products are truly at the cutting edge of technology that hotels can realistically adopt today. We are always working on more innovations and we don’t even push them. It is hotels and the technology they use that must catch up with our innovations. That is why Hoteza products are best appreciated in exclusive and luxury boutique hotels that recognize the unique characteristics of hospitality solutions as part of their value proposition.

Hoteza TV — Photo by HotezaHoteza TV — Photo by Hoteza
Hoteza TV — Photo by Hoteza

Connect the people

Let’s take a closer look at what Hoteza products are in terms of innovative technology. In the last two decades, computer networks have become commonplace in many hotels and opened doors to many applications that connected guests with hotels and allowed a new way of interaction. The most common innovations that still play a major role today are interactive television and High Speed ​​Internet Access (HSIA). By connecting the TV set to a computer network and providing an interactive user interface to the screen, hotels can cut out the middleman for guests and enable direct communication and infotainment. And HSIA makes it possible to connect many guest devices so that guests can interact with the hotel, surf the Internet, stream online videos, run hotel apps or even work remotely.

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HotPad and Mobile Apps— Source: Hoteza
HotPad and Mobile Apps— Source: Hoteza

Direct interaction

With pills became available in hotels, the number of screens increased, which in turn increased convenience and increased the number of instances of guest-to-hotel interactions. Where previously they had to pick up the phone or go to reception, guests can now simply tap the screen to order room service, taxi transport or dining. Smartphones and personal devices enhanced such interactions both in terms of mobility and frequency. Smart locks with Bluetooth and NFC removed the need to obtain a smart card at reception to unlock the room. Guest Room Management and Control (GRMS) allowed guests to have a smart way to control their surroundings by adjusting light, temperature, fragrance, sound and curtains. And Hoteza mounted all these interactions in all available screens and devices to help guests feel that they really own the experience of the hotel and can easily adjust it to their wishes.

Guest Journey map — Photo by HotezaGuest Journey map — Photo by Hoteza
Guest Journey map — Photo by Hoteza

Smarter environment

With all Hoteza products installed in a hotel, the guest can experiencesmart hotel‘ and ‘connected room‘ concepts to the fullest. For example, a guest can make a reservation, receive a confirmation to their smartphone, use the provided link to open the hotel’s branded application, make adjustments to their future stay and upload necessary documents to avoid long waits at reception, go directly to their room and unlock the door using a mobile key, see a personal greeting on the TV screen, use their in-room tablet or smartphone to dim the lights, order a dinner or plan spa treatments for the next day. Express self check-out is also available, with subsequent and direct communication still available via the same app they used to use self check-in, unlock the room, control the lighting and order food and services. It is true that we managed to make the guests and their personal devices the center of the hotel interactions.

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Hotel staff management — Photo by HotezaHotel staff management — Photo by Hoteza
Hotel staff management — Photo by Hoteza

Backstage matters

Hoteza takes good care of the guests, but also emphasizes the convenience of the hotel staff and management. Our software allows guests to order in-room service directly from their smartphone, tablet or in-room TV, saving hotel staff time and automating the process of printing food orders right at the hotel’s point of sale. Guests can avoid calling the front desk in most cases and simply ask for an extra pillow or blanket, call maintenance or book transportation with just a few clicks. With room control installed, setting DnD status is also done with one click. And these interactions are backed up by an integrated property management system and task management software that keeps hotel operations well organized and transparent. The management of the hotel can obtain all the data they need to analyze the behavior of guests and improve the hotel’s marketing, additional services and room reservation sales and to maintain top performance of the hotel operations.

Hoteza global coverage — Photo by HotezaHoteza global coverage — Photo by Hoteza
Hoteza global coverage — Photo by Hoteza

Covering the globe

With installation in over 100,000 hotel rooms around the world, we at Hoteza value new markets and are proud to announce that this year we are expanding our footprint into the North American region. We welcome all US and Canadian hoteliers, management companies, hospitality integrators, real estate investors, hotel operators, hospitality IT consultants and other industry professionals to connect with us and receive a comprehensive product presentation and expert advice.

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