Top 6 Mobile Tracking Apps for Parental Controls

Top 6 Mobile Tracking Apps for Parental Controls

Having trouble knowing what your kids are up to when you’re not around? Want to make sure they don’t get into trouble or spend excess time on their phones?

In that case, you need a cell phone tracking app. We’ve got your back and hand-picked the 6 best free and paid tools for Android and iOS devices to quell your worries. Forewarned is pre-armed.

Why do you need to resort to a cell phone tracking app?

Whether it’s a paid or free parental control app, effective software can help parents stay alert, prevent and timely respond to the following dangers online and offline:

  1. Sexual predators who target children online or in the real world
  2. Involvement in cyberbullying, either as a victim or perpetrator
  3. Exchanging inappropriate photos or videos with others
  4. Communicate with strangers trying to lure children to meet in person
  5. Risk of kidnapping or human trafficking if they spend excess time alone or unsupervised
  6. Access to inappropriate websites
  7. Children spend excess time on phones and insufficient time doing homework or interacting with family

The market is full of cell phone tracking apps, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. This article lists the most prominent and practical solutions for parents.

Did you know that around 2,100 children go missing in the US every day? Children are usually easy to find when parents provide relevant information about them. Taking the right preventive measures can help parents ensure the safety of their children.

6 Advanced Mobile Tracking Apps for Parental Control

A family tracking app enables parents and guardians to monitor their children when they are not around. Therefore, if you are unsure whether your children are where they claim to be or are lying, the app can help you know the truth. Here are some of the top-notch tracking apps to monitor their whereabouts and more.

Keep your kids safe with the uMobix Parental Control app

uMobix is ​​the best parental control app today. It allows real-time tracking of daily progress on your mobile phone or tablet. With this phone monitoring app, users are able to capture browsing history, view screenshots, and monitor over 30 apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and Snapchat.

This phone tracking app has advanced monitoring features including a GPS tracker, outgoing, incoming and missed calls, microphone and camera access, text message history, deleted call history, message and contacts. This monitoring app can also capture keystrokes to see what your loved ones are up to.

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In addition, uMobix allows you to remotely pull videos and photos from the target phone and save them to your device. The advanced GPS tracking feature lets you know the real-time location of the required gadget. Thus, your child can no longer lie about their location if you use this app to track them without knowing it.

How to use uMobix to track your child’s location

Since uMobix has a demo version, it is possible to use it as a free app to see your child’s phone. 1-day trial allows users to start monitoring for $1. For the extended version, follow these steps to watch your kids with uMobix.

  1. Sign up by choosing a subscription plan and complete your purchase to receive detailed instructions.
  2. Access the target phone to install uMobix by following the instructions in the user account. The process is different for Android and iOS, but is simple in both cases.
  3. Navigate to your account to receive real-time data on required phone activity. The GPS location tab can identify your child’s location at any time.

Cocospy – Multifunctional parental control app for Android and iOS

Cocospy is also among the best phone tracking apps. It makes it possible to monitor locations, calls, messages and app usage. This tracking software also allows you to take a sneak peek at the saved contacts. Software is easy to install, after which it is possible to track all outgoing and incoming calls, received and sent messages, browsing activity and social media interactions, including iMessages.

Some social media platforms to monitor Cocospy include Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber. The app can detect a SIM card change and check the device’s IMEI number.

You may want to know how to monitor a kids iPhone with Cocospy. Well, the process is also straightforward. Just sign up with an email ID and then verify your iCloud account. Add the target’s iCloud details and disable two-factor authentication. After that, monitor your device’s activity and location by logging into your Cocospy account.

Cocospy runs in stealth mode, which means they won’t detect that you’re monitoring them. It also manages children’s screen time to ensure they only spend a small amount of time on their device. Thus, it allows you to protect their health and keep them safe.

Spyic – Top rated parental control app for real-time monitoring

Spyic is a secure phone location tracking app that can detect your loved one’s location without their knowledge. It is a widely used tool that offers tracking solutions for iPhones and Android phones. Also, this web application is easy to use from a web browser, which means you don’t need to download anything.

The software has a number of features that make it ideal for location tracking. It is a hidden family tracking app with a feature-rich online dashboard. For example, Spyic is there for you to find a phone’s location without installing an additional app. Access this feature by logging into your Spyic account through a web browser.

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In addition, Spyic uses unique security protocols to ensure that no one else can see data about the target device. It shares the target phone’s location coordinates directly with you and the servers store nothing.

By using this app to pinpoint someone’s location, you make sure they don’t know you’re doing it. Thus, you can monitor their movements, the areas they have previously visited, and check-ins.

As the name suggests, Google Family Link is a family finder that lets you keep your loved ones safe online. Families have unique relationships when it comes to technology. Therefore, this device and location tracking app provide greater flexibility to allow users to choose the right balance for their families. Also, this application helps you create healthy online habits for your family members.

Find my children – Child Locator

Find My Kids is a location tracker to ensure your child’s safety. It helps you stay in touch with children when they are not around or do not answer your calls. This GPS phone tracker allows parents to pin their kids on Google Maps and see their movement history.

Another benefit is the ability to find out what apps your kids are using, including social media platforms and their interactions with them. The time tracking feature helps you know how long your kids are using their devices and the apps they use the most. The family chat feature can make this app unique. It allows you to chat with the kids and use funny stickers to enhance the fun.

This free-to-use parental control app allows you to keep track of your loved ones with minimal expenses, although its functionality is somehow limited compared to the tracking apps outlined above. The app is available for Android and iOS users.


The last app on our list is Life360. It’s a well-known app in the US, and offers only limited functionality outside the country. Here’s what the app can do for you:

  1. The app allows you to plan routes and schedules with your family members.
  2. You can request or send real-time positions.
  3. You can set up smart alerts for when someone reaches or leaves a specific destination. You also get notifications if someone’s phone battery runs dry.

You need Life360 installed on the target iPhone to make it track your device’s location. You also need permission from the target device, which may not be possible.

It is legal for parents and guardians to supervise their children’s devices as long as they are minors. Provided the child is under 18 (note that each state has a different age of adulthood), a US parent or guardian can monitor how they use their cell phone or tablet. That means the parent can use a cell phone tracker to observe their whereabouts and interactions with other people.

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The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act gives parents control over the information that children can access online. This rule protects children under the age of 13 while considering the dynamic nature of the Internet. It also applies to online service providers and commercial website operators. In the case of monitoring an adult, written consent is required.

What should I look for in a parental control app?

The following tips should help you choose an app to track cell phones.

  • Privacy: You don’t want to expose your loved one’s privacy to the wrong people. Therefore, choose an app that provides safe and secure parental control.
  • Transparency: The best phone tracking apps are transparent in their operation. They ensure that users know what they can do and how to help them improve their children’s safety.
  • Online safety: A good tracking app keeps a child safe from illegal content, cyberbullying and other online crimes.
  • Activities: The primary phone tracking job is to check out the activities the target person is doing on their device. And this includes all the actions a person can perform on their device. So go for an app that can track your phone when it’s lost, monitor social media and online activities, and do everything your child can do on their phone. It should also let you monitor website and app usage.
  • Friendly interface: An ideal parental control application is easy to use and navigate.
  • Compatibility: Choose an app that is compatible with the phone required, either iPhone or Android. Some apps only require the phone number to track a mobile device.

Keep your kids safe with the right monitoring software

Although some use a free phone tracker to keep track of their loved ones, premium applications are better because of extended functionality and flawless operation. It is because they have more practical features and functions. Also consider customer support, price and user reviews. Ideally, you should take the time to understand how the phone tracking app you want to use works in order to choose one that suits your needs.

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