Top 5 DPS in Overwatch 2

Top 5 DPS in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has finally been released and with it comes many changes to the game. With the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard tweaked and rebalanced many of the characters from the roster. Among the current roles available, the DPS role has the most heroes. Because of this, it can be difficult to narrow down which hero you will play for the team. There is also the fact that as a DPS it is very important to consistently deal damage. As such, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 DPS in the current Overwatch 2 roster.


Sojourn is one of the brand new heroes that came out in Overwatch 2. At first glance, she plays a lot like Soldier 76. But unlike Soldier 76, she has no healing tools. Lacking that, she makes up for it with highly damaging abilities. In addition, her mobility also allows her to make great escapes in spicy situations. Among these abilities, her greatest strength lies in her right-click ability, which is her rail gun. Her railgun charges while hitting shields or other players with a left click. When fully charged, you can use right-click to release the stored charge and deal massive damage to an opponent. Aside from these, her utility in E skills allows her to bind opponents and make them easier targets. Her ultimate further increases her damage output by supercharging her rail gun. All in all, the set allows her to dish out constant damage non-stop, making her a top tier DPS to have on any team and any map.

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Reaper is a classic hero from the original Overwatch. In Overwatch 2, Reaper is still a monster damage dealer when he gets the perfect flank. His passive ability to regain health when dealing damage gives him a huge boost in his durability. Aside from that, his E ability, Shadow Step, allows him to easily move behind enemy lines and catch opponents off guard. His Shift ability, Wraith Form, allows him to escape easily since he becomes invulnerable during this time. All of this is perfectly tied up by his ultimate ability which uses up all of his ammo and damages all opponents in a radius. Reaper is best used to eliminate back line support and catch enemies off guard in their blind spots.


Sombra is one of the latest additions to the original Overwatch roster. Her newly redesigned abilities in Overwatch 2 make her one of the best damage dealers in the game. First, her specialty is her right-click hacking ability. This ability seals her opponent’s abilities which are huge in Overwatch 2. This synergizes with her passive, allowing her to spot opponents that were hacked or low on health. In addition, she can easily maneuver around enemy lines using her Shift skills that make her invisible and her E skill that allows her to teleport. All of this culminates in her ultimate skill, which is an EMP that hacks nearby enemies, dealing significant damage to them. Sombra is an excellent DPS to have on any team, especially with all the utility she offers.


Soldier 76 is one of the most iconic heroes in the Overwatch series. Thankfully, Soldier 76 remains the same versatile and easy-to-use hero in Overwatch 2. Although he still retains most of his kit from the first Overwatch, that’s what makes him strong. Soldier 76 still uses his signature automatic heavy pulse rifle. His shift skill is the same sprint that allows him to quickly maneuver around enemies. The healing field in his E skill and the helix rockets from his right click are still the same as they were in the first game. But despite being largely similar, what makes him an excellent damage dealer is his constant output of damage. This is especially important when he uses his ultimate skill, Tactical Visor. This allows all of his bullets to hit opponents in his line of sight. The versatility of Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2 allows him to take a spot on our top 5 DPS list.


Pharah is one of the few heroes in the Overwatch 2 roster with a passive ability that allows her to fly. For Pharah, her right-click skills allow her to levitate. Her other movement skill is the Shift skill, where she quickly flies upwards. When flying, she is able to deal damage with her main weapon, a rocket launcher that deals explosive damage. Her E skill is a concussive blast that knocks enemies back. This can be used when opponents are trying to go up close or to knock opponents out of bounds. Pharah’s ultimate skill unleashes a flurry of missiles that deal heavy damage to opponents. This ultimate is especially useful when in the air as it hits multiple opponents that way. With the way the rosters in Overwatch 2 were adapted, she is considered one of the top 5 DPS heroes due to her vertical advantage and her maneuverability.

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