Top 5 Best Business Payment Software in 2022: ACH-Focused Systems for All Your Needs

Top 5 Best Business Payment Software in 2022: ACH-Focused Systems for All Your Needs

Enterprise payment software is a gem in this modern world, especially with the many small businesses emerging in the market and consumers already looking at contactless or cashless payment transactions for every product or service they purchase. It’s a huge leap into the future as people center on debit cards, credit cards, online cards, e-wallets and other online payment systems that help modernize how people pay.


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With that, upcoming businesses or startups focus on their preferred payment systems to help manage their businesses, which focus not only on collecting money from customers but also on managing transactions in all business aspects. Here are the 5 best business payment software in 2022.

How global payment solutions can boost your business going forward

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1. Dwolla – best payment solution for all business sizes and needs

Dwolla API

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Dwolla is a payment service provider that offers flexible payment solutions built to meet the digital demands of business today. Dwolla’s primary focus is helping mid-sized businesses improve their processes for scaling through programmable account-to-account transfers. The company aims to give businesses a chance to innovate with a flexible Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution that helps them get to market quickly through low-code components.

Unlike other solutions, Dwolla’s modern payment API can seamlessly support multiple cash flows for businesses looking to send, receive or even facilitate bank transfers between users. The company’s platform can accommodate a myriad of banking transactions so businesses can easily enable their preferred payment speeds for the different experiences of their solution, including Standard ACH, Same Day ACH or Real Time Payments.

Benefits and features

Dwolla’s modern payments API aims to unlock the power of the financial system with its faster ACH transfer options, digital wallet capabilities and configurable technology across a range of industries.

It aims to deliver:

  • Configurable API integration – The platform offers a way to quickly implement an account-to-account payment API, with ready support from the team to answer all needs and provide assistance.
  • Flexibility – It provides the ability to meet one’s business needs and requirements through multiple cash flows and different bank transfer speeds.
  • Account-to-Account Benefits – Control the time when you collect or disburse payments with Dwolla as your payment service provider.

Dwolla remains a payments platform that offers a modern ACH experience and more to meet your needs. The company provides massive flexibility on its systems that match a company’s requirements for business payment solutions.

It also prides itself on its platform’s reliability and ease of use, and offers complementary partnerships to simultaneously cut costs and seamlessly offer expanded services.

Partnering with financial institutions and data sharing firms to complete the “open banking triangle” described by The Financial Brand, Dwolla’s account-to-account solution completes the trifecta. With the complex online payment system in the world, businesses are in a tough spot when they decide to go it alone or with an unsupported payment solution channel that offers no integration with their systems.

Dwolla’s payment solution was built to meet the digital requirements of business today. From implementation onward, Dwolla’s dedicated support helps businesses prevent technical issues, learn best practices, and navigate the unknowns of building a payment solution.

They support over 18 different market verticals across various industries, such as Fintech, Insurtech, Investtech, Transport, Marketplaces, Real Estate Platforms, etc. Dwolla gives companies of all sizes the opportunity for faster and more flexible money movement.

Dwolla’s services aim to make it easy and affordable for consumers and businesses and to give them more time to focus on what matters most to their livelihood or other industry concerns.

2. Square – Highly rated platform in e-commerce and POS solutions

Quadratic payments

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Square is one of the world’s best-known names in the platform for business payment solutions. It offers its services to all types of businesses, whether large or small. The company is willing to cater to all their needs and deliver what they aim to provide to each client.

This means that Square is flexible in relation to customers’ needs, prioritizing requirements for online or in-store payment channels and processing ACH for their needs.

Square promises to cater to different business types and sizes, with many integrations to specific industries, including:

  • Food and beverage – front-of-house tools such as table management, menu and more, along with in-house needs such as kitchen displays and delivery

  • Retail – provides all the retail tools one needs to run their company, from inventory management to exchanges and more

  • Beauty and wellness – the company’s experience offers a variety of management tools such as orders, online payments, scheduling and other customer experience needs

  • Large Business – customized experience adapted to the needs of each business, with a focus on advanced reporting and other workplace requirements.

One of the company’s best-known products is the Square Payments experience, which helps businesses process all kinds of payment options on the market today, adapting to different types of transactions from customers.

3. Shopify – e-commerce platform for your online store


(Photo: Shopify)

Shopify is known to be an e-commerce platform in the industry now and it provides an online offering for all users to bring their businesses to a marketplace where they can sell all types of products and engage in a business-to-customer experience .

One of Canada’s best-known e-commerce platforms is more than an online store, as it also caters to modern businesses’ demands for an online marketplace for all needs. Moreover, Shopify also has a built-in payment system called Shopify Payments. This business platform accepts multiple payment channels, providing different options for businesses to accommodate and customers to use for each purchase.

The company offers an integrated catalog perfect for setting up an online store to showcase their products, and provides transparency on costs for businesses to use the platform.

4. Chargebee – subscription-based payment system


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Chargebee is one of the unique subscription-based payment systems on the market, offering a scalable platform for every business’s subscription billing and revenue operations. The company allows people to scale back and forth on their strategies for running their businesses on Chargebee’s platform, which promises its services to be “more than billing.”

The company offers a highly customizable platform for business needs and requirements, as well as payment channels and fees, which it can match to different markets with different prices.

The company offers the ability to automate its order-to-revenue lifecycle and adjust discount management, product bundling and recovery processes to help maximize revenue.

One of the unique offerings of Chargebee is that it provides a flexible payment platform that can adjust one’s billing option to annual, monthly, weekly or daily depending on their offer or setup. The platform currently offers a unique Software-as-a-system (SaaS) solution for businesses that offer this type of service and are limited in their offerings.

5. VizyPay – Multi-payment options for all needs


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VizyPay is one of the youngest companions on this list, but it is also one of the most recognized among business payment solutions and ACH API services. It is considered one of the most affordable services, with transparent fees that have no hidden costs or additional payments.

The company also offers a highly commendable customer service experience that can handle and accommodate questions or requirements regarding tools, services, platforms, systems and the like.

Established in 2017 in Waukee, Iowa, VizyPay is a household name in the B2B industry. The company’s transparent fee structure is commendable, and it offers the service starting as low as $25, with no extra charges or surprises for users.

It also focuses on short-term commitments per customer and avoids long-term contracts, which attracts many startups in the industry now. Still, it fulfills the basic transaction processing needs of any business to sell products or services.

The bottom line

The world offers many businesses that help customers and companies unlock the potential to make different payment options and setups available to users. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the same apps or banks to complete their payments.

Businesses, including startups and incumbents, have looked to payment solutions to respond to their needs in this ever-expanding digital future environment. The likes of Dwolla make a modern experience easily available for businesses, especially in every transaction for various products and services the company sells in the market.

There is a huge need for these types of payment solutions, especially those with ACH to account for and with API to make every operation seamless. Dwolla’s services aim to answer all needs and it delivers efficient service not only on the ACH software but also on the security of the users.

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