Top 3 websites to learn a new language

Top 3 websites to learn a new language

Learning a new language always remains an evergreen trend throughout the generations. Today, learning a new language means more than buying books and learning from a native speaker. Languages ​​can be learned anywhere, whether on a train journey, on a bus trip, in a classroom, or while sitting at home.

With the rise of apps, learning languages ​​has become easier and more accessible. You can learn a multitude of languages ​​on these websites or their apps. Their friendly user interface and motivational alerts keep you motivated to complete your goal.

In this article, we will talk about the top three trending language learning apps. This article will also provide you with discounts, coupon codes and easy access to their website.

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With a cute logo and access to learn 23 languages, Memrise offers an immersive learning experience. After downloading the Memrise app from Playstore, the app helps you set learning reminders. They offer a free language learning experience and a full suite of paid subscriptions.

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Memrise was created to make language learning a fun and interactive experience that is easy to use for everyone. They also have small video clips that show two people interacting using the phrases from the language you are aiming to learn.

Annual Monthly Lifetime
INR 649 or INR 54.09/month 184 INR ₹2599

Currently offering a 50% discount on the first year with full access to all language courses, thousands of native speaker videos and full course downloads. You can unlock the entire learning experience with their limited time offer of ₹649 for a whole year.

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Memrise Coupon Description Memrise discount Get a discount
50% off 1 year with Memrise Pro (US$59.99 / UK £49.99) 50% or ₹649 Get a discount here
20% off 1 year with Memrise Pro (until 1 November 2022) 20% or INR 1038 Get a discount here
10% off a monthly Memrise Pro subscription (US$59.99 / UK £49.99) 10% or INR 1168 Get a discount here
You can avail Memrise discounts here

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Known as +Babbel on the Playstore, Babbel GmBH is a German-based language learning software. It has various subscription-based plans for 14 languages ​​that offer hundreds of lessons from beginners to advanced. They have interactive user interface with games, videos, podcasts and many more features.

You can also contact Babbel within 20 days for a full refund, and they offer free registration. They have tailor-made courses to meet all your language training requirements in speech correction for conversational skills. They help you assess your lessons using flashcards, listening, speaking or writing.

Memrise subscription duration Discount Price
1 month $13.95
3 months 30% $29.85 ($9.95/month)
6 months 40% $50.70 ($8.45/month)
12 months 50% $83.40 ($6.95/month)

You can avail +Babbel discounts here

Duolingo has an owl as its mascot and many new animated characters like Lily, which remind you to use the app. They are also shown throughout the lessons to motivate you. It’s a free language learning app that teaches 30 or more languages, with some trivial in-app purchases for lingots. Overall, this app is a super user friendly user interface along with the ability to find your friends and follow them and get updated about their achievements.

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Duolingo can also be used on a desktop computer and has a weekly leaderboard, it builds healthy competition and makes you complete more lessons. They offer two streak freezes to maintain your streak and XPs that can help you purchase other in-app items. Lingot or Duolingo currency does the same and can be increased by completing lessons.

Top 3 websites to learn a new language

They recently came up with a Super Duolingo subscription for an ad-free experience with personalized and effective lessons. With Super Duolingo, there is no limit to the mistakes and individual review hours for them. There are also several quizzes to track progress. They have the same for business teams too which range from 10 to more than 1000 employees.

You can access Duolingo here

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