Top 10 Skills and Abilities for Nightwing, Ranked

Top 10 Skills and Abilities for Nightwing, Ranked

The recently released Gotham Knights is a superhero RPG that heavily involves choices. The player will be allowed to progress through a story and several side missions in whatever order they choose, and with whatever character they like. You can switch between Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl often, or stick with one throughout the game.

With a limited number of points to spend per character on skills, and challenges required to unlock speed abilities, knowing what to prioritize can be important. Each character has three skills, one bonus “chivalry” tree that will be unlocked later, and “momentum abilities”, which are unlocked by completing challenges.


10/10 Nest

Momentum ability

One of Nightwing’s most powerful abilities is “Nest”, which can be unlocked from challenges to gain momentum abilities. Nest is unlike the other momentum abilities, as it doesn’t rely on the momentum bar, but rather a standard five-minute cooldown.

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Proper use of the Nest cooldown can have a huge impact on a fight, especially one against a wave of enemies, as it will summon an area of ​​effect circle that will damage opponents as well as heal and protect Nightwing.

9/10 Elemental Shockwave

Momentum ability

The Momentum abilities add a unique flavor to each character’s combat options, acting as a sort of ultimate ability to deal a little extra damage. “Elemental Shockwave” blasts down a powerful area of ​​effect blast that can kill lower health enemies in one shot.

This ability is especially effective against the Talons of the Court of Owls, who are some of the strongest villains in Gotham Knights. Since they can’t be hit by melee attacks until they’re stunned, the shockwave does a solid job of disabling them from doing so, as well as directly damaging them.

8/10 Flying trapeze

Knight skills

Unlocking the Knighthood skill tree and the travel ability is one of the best Gotham Knights tip for beginners, as being able to roam Gotham City at high speeds can limit much of your travel time, as well as providing some stunning scenery.

“Flying Trapeze” unlocks Nightwing’s glider, which will allow him to quickly travel around the map and descend on enemies from above. It won’t take too much time to unlock the Knighthood skill tree, but the trapeze following abilities can be very useful in combat.

7/10 Nest Buffs +

Knight skills

One of the most useful skills that can be obtained from the Knighthood tree is “Nest Buffs +”, which will add some pretty sweet enhancements to the powerful “Nest” ability. Since many missions in the game will depend on being able to fight off waves of enemies, improving the Nest can be a big help.

It may seem tedious to pick up an ability that itself doesn’t allow a new move, but the extra power will be a huge help in warding off large forces.

6/10 Assassin’s Mark

Raptor skills

Unlocking the “Assassin’s Mark” allows Nightwing to mark enemies. Being able to mark enemies is important for two reasons. First, the bonus damage Nightwing can inflict on tagged enemies can make fights go much faster.

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Second, missions will sometimes offer bonus objectives for taking out marked enemies. Completing bonus objectives provides a nice boost in rewards for materials and XP, both of which can help players further customize their character in the future.

5/10 Critical expertise

Raptor skills

The added power of critical expertise will bring to life combat like Nightwing, which is one of the aspects that have created Gotham Knights one of the most anticipated games of 2022. Nightwing’s combat is fast and graceful, while possessing the strength to smite enemies.

The extra critical strike damage will allow for more powerful hits, and successful combo chains can see strong enemies shrink in health. For simple melee fights, having bonus crit damage can be a big help.

4/10 Family ties

Pack leadership skills

An exciting new aspect of Gotham Knights to Arkham game is its multiplayer features. Players can team up with their friends to play through missions and freely roam the city, which is one of the best versions of Gotham in video games. The third skill tree, “Pack Leader,” is centered around buffs for friends. For those who plan to play online, taking a dive into this tree is definitely beneficial.

The “Family Ties” ability gives the best boosts to allies, but also a solid defensive boost to Nightwing in single player, for those playing on their own. Enemies can come in large waves throughout the game, and being prepared with strong defensive skills is a good idea.

Acrobatic skills

Momentum abilities can be very useful, especially for dealing with large numbers of opponents. Hacking away with combos of light and heavy attacks can also get tiring, so having fun abilities to spice things up makes the fight of the match more enjoyable.

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The momentum bar builds up after landing hits on enemies, and this ability will add a new momentum bar. An extra bar means extra special attacks, and combining several can be devastating to enemies with large health bars.

2/10 Momentum Gain Plus

Acrobatic skills

Having an extra momentum bar is one thing, but filling it up is also important. Nightwing’s “Momentum Gain Plus” allows for a faster refill of his momentum bars, allowing players to use these special attacks more often.

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This can be great for fighting multiple opponents, as players can rely on momentum abilities to clear large rooms of enemies. These increased gains will allow the use of momentum abilities in quick succession.

1/10 Aerial Damage Plus

Acrobatic skills

When you’re dealing with a group of enemies roaming Gotham City, getting a strong first attack can be critical to survival. If the player is able to pick off some opponents with silent takedowns, this is ideal, but some situations force going high immediately.

A strong air strike is a good way to limit one or two immediate threats. With Nightwing’s momentum ability, ‘Pounce’, he can also land mid-battle aerial attacks, creating chains of high-damage strikes with added damage from ‘Aerial Damage Plus’.

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