Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies in USA

Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies in USA

Fintech or Financial Technology was previously used to describe the digitization of the backend systems and procedures of recognized financial organizations such as banks. But today, the context of fintech has completely changed and shifted towards consumer-oriented services. With help from Fintech Software Development Company and its solutions, businesses can move into education, non-profit fundraising, investment management, retail banking and more.

Now, fintech is a cross-sector, all-encompassing concept that emphasizes using technology solutions, such as customized software applications and algorithms, to enhance financial processes. These fintech software development services have pioneered seamless business transactions and digital finance. According to the statistics, the fintech sector is expected to grow 305 billion dollars by 2025, with more financial companies delving into custom fintech software development solutions.

If we talk about today’s businesses and consumers, they effectively and securely manage their financial operations, thanks to advanced fintech software. The fintech mobile apps and websites are scaled up to the next level by incorporating modern technologies including Blockchain, AI and ML. The primary forces behind the financial technology revolution are the fintech development firms, especially in the United States.

So, with the ever-increasing demand for fintech solutions, the number of fintech app development companies is also huge. To help businesses make the right decision, professionals have conducted thorough research and listed the top 10 fintech software development companies in the US, assisting businesses of all scales and delivering excellence.

List of Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies in the US [2023]

1. Dev Technosys

Established in 2010, Dev Technosys is a top fintech software development company in the US that provides future-proof and innovative on-demand fintech app development solutions. Their team of dedicated developers stay abreast of the ongoing trends and make sure to incorporate cutting edge technologies including AI, IoT, blockchain, etc. while providing customized fintech software development services.

Their sole aim is to help businesses of all scales achieve their goals; Therefore, their digital software solutions open up new business opportunities for everyone. Fintech industry owners looking forward to get modern software development services can rely on Dev Technosys for impeccable solutions at affordable prices.

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2. Avanade

Established over 20 years ago, Avanade is a global professional services company offering top IT consulting services focused on the Microsoft platform. The organization addresses all industries including banking, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, etc. and provides businesses with the best fintech app development solutions.

Their professionals and experts are professionals in solving business transformation challenges through the power of people and Microsoft. Avanade’s sole purpose is to mark a real human impact for its customers and employees via growth-driven mobile app development services.

3. DXC technology

With its 40+ years of insurance industry innovation, DXC Technology brings industry expertise, software and BPaaS services together with its partner ecosystem to enable insurers’ digital transformation goals. It is also one of the leading fintech app development companies that deliver premium business solutions with modern fintech software and solutions.

Be it insurance software development, fintech applications, IT outsourcing or anything else, DXC Technology professionals can do it all. They build fintech apps that are completely safe and secure and help businesses achieve the success they deserve. This fintech app development company provides a streamlined approach to transformation with the flexibility to respond to future changes quickly and efficiently.

4. Unisys

Unisys is a global provider of technology solutions dedicated to helping organizations and people reach the next level. The professionals at Unisys go beyond better to unleash real change. They work with organizations worldwide to encourage performance and increase profitability. Considered among the top 10 fintech mobile app development companies, the organization is focused on delivering growth-driven solutions.

Their team of skilled developers and custom software development services provide a seamless experience to all businesses, regardless of size and domains.

5. Algar Tech

Established 22 years ago, Algar Tech has reimagined the customer experience and managed IT environment with its impeccable mobile app development services. The organization serves professional assistance in multiple domains, including manufacturing, retail, utilities, construction, education, and more.

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Businesses can rely on this fintech app development service provider to get agile and innovative solutions.

6. Telus International

Telus International offers integrated DX and CX solutions focused on building human connections without losing sight of what matters most. It is another popular custom fintech app development company with experience in techfins, payments, card services, banking and lending, etc. Their skilled professionals and dedicated developers work together to deliver future-proof business solutions.

By combining the best blend of technology, processes and human intervention, Telus International focuses on creating customer trust with its specialized services.

7. Acknowledging technology solutions

Cognizant is an American multinational IT services and consulting company that has been in business for the past 25 years. The company uses its expertise to help businesses stay ahead of the challenges and help them achieve success in this highly competitive world. They believe innovation is the key to driving growth, and delivering insights that strengthen businesses’ digital presence.

Cognizant brings specialists in deployment, requirements, artificial intelligence and digital transformation to deliver the best experience. That’s what makes it the best company to build fintech apps and other android and iOS applications.

8. Softtech

For more than 35 years, Softtek has enabled the trending technology development of major banks worldwide. Their capabilities in the banking and finance sector include governance models for IT infrastructure support and multi-platform development, including digital marketing, advanced analytics, fintech and open banking solutions.

Softtek offers a wide range of specialized services and solutions, supported by people with in-depth banking experience and understanding, to drive new banking models demanded by customers and the evolving business and technology environment.

9. Virtusa

Virtusa has been going strong for the past 25 years. It is one of the leading and popular fintech app development companies in the US that helps businesses move forward faster by combining deep industry expertise and advanced technology. With their strong partnership ecosystem that includes fintech partnerships, they empower clients to disrupt, unlock and transform today’s leading technology leaders.

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The organization aims to transform today’s financial institutions into tomorrow’s market leaders, which is why it partners with the largest financial institutions to implement cutting-edge fintech development services and solutions.

10. Conduent

Conduent has extensive and broad expertise across various sectors and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. It is one of the original pioneers of BPO and a leader today. Every day, they help organizations and governments deliver essential services to millions of people while having a noticeable impact on their business operations. Conduent serves multiple industries including finance, automotive, healthcare, transportation, retail and more.

Conduent achieves scalability, operational excellence and automation through a collaborative approach, bringing new levels of security, fraud protection, risk management, transactional efficiency and value to every customer touchpoint.


When choosing the best fintech app development company in the US or any other region, businesses often get confused about making the right choice. But we hope business owners can choose the most suitable organization after referring to the list of the 10 most popular fintech software development companies. While choosing a company for fintech solutions, companies should consider some important factors. Also ask about the fintech software development cost before hire dedicated developers would be a wise decision.

To capitalize on this growing trend of fintech applications, it is wise to contact a reputed fintech mobile app development company. No one can help you better than a leading organization’s experienced and dedicated professionals.

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